Marsh Anthony: Amusement with prizes machine. Ace Coin Equip, April 1, 1987: GB2180682-A (121 worldwide citation)

An amusement-with-prizes machine 2 which is coin-or token- freed, there being a slot (not shown) on a fascia 1 for receipt of a coin or token to start a game, and various buttons to select different features such as a "10p" game button 3 and a "20p" game button 4. The machine 2 includes means to app ...


Farrar David, Hawe Malcolm: Polymeric thickeners and their production.. Allied Colloids, April 1, 1987: EP0216479-A1 (102 worldwide citation)

Polymers are made by polymerisation of an ionic monomer such as methacrylic acid or dialkylaminoalkyl (meth)acrylate or -acrylamtide and/or a substantially non-ionic monomer, optionally a cross linking agent, and an allyl ether of the formula CH2=CR min CH2OAmBnApR where R min is hydrogen or methyl, ...

Huang Ing Chung: Air-cushioned shoe sole components and method for their manufacture.. Huang Ing Chung, April 1, 1987: EP0215974-A1 (97 worldwide citation)

A hollow air-cushion shoe sole component, which may be inflatable, is manufactured by first blow forming an envelope of synthetic plastics material, then pressing the envelope between mould halves (10,11) and finally inflating the envelope whilst between the mould halves by an air needle or the like ...


Iizuka Kinji, Kamijo Tetsuhide, Kubota Tetsuhiro, Akahane Kenji, Umeyama Hideaki, Kiso Yoshiaki: Novel amino acid derivatives.. Kissei Pharmaceutical, April 1, 1987: EP0216539-A2 (71 worldwide citation)

Novel amino acid derivatives useful as a therapeutic agent are disclosed. These amino acid derivatives and the pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof have a human renin inhibitory effect when administered orally and are useful for treatment of hypertension, especially renin-associated hypertensio ...


Bell Michael John: A fixed odds betting system. Atl, April 1, 1987: GB2180675-A (64 worldwide citation)

A betting system has a number of betting terminals and displays connected to a central control unit. The betting system allows both fixed price and expected dividend betting by continually calculating the odds and liabilities in respect of each contestant and ensuring that the total liability incurr ...