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A video amusement gaming system with pool prize structures including remote game terminals and a central controller with two-way communications between the remote game terminals and the central controller. Prize awards are based upon random shuffling of a set of prize awards among a predetermined po ...

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A coated abrasive product comprising abrasive granules adherently bonded to at least one major surface of a backing sheet by a radiation curable resinous binder material. The binder material can be used to form the make coat, size coat, or both coats. Alternatively, the binder material can be used i ...

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A microcapsule produced by preparing a water-in-oil emulsion comprising an inner aqueous layer containing said water-soluble drug and a drug retaining substance therefor and an oil layer containing a polymer substance, then thickening or solidifying said inner aqueous layer to a viscosity of not low ...

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Erodable agglomerates containing individual abrasive grains, a binder and matrix material selected from the group consisting of pulp suitable for making paper and derivatives thereof, wood flour, and vermiculate. The agglomerates are useful for coated abrasives and bonded abrasives. Abrasive product ...

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A method and apparatus for enhancing the production of a hydrocarbonaceous fluid from a subterranean geologic reservoir containing same using electrical heating by employing at least three electrodes between the injection wellbore and production wellbore and passing electricity only between the thre ...

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A software access control system is disclosed for controlling access to a protected application program. The software access control system comprises first and second processors, each having a terminal or port adapting its processor to be coupled with the other. The first processor is programmed to ...

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A three dimensional guidance system for percutaneous invasive procedures which develops a line of light above a patient's body to indicate the entry point and path of the invasive instrument. Guidance is provided by alignment of the instrument with the line of light. The line is developed at the int ...

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The object of the present invention is a bone joining plate which is suitable for securing the fractured bones even when the screwing alone is insufficient and which is easily adaptable to the conditions of application before or during the operation. According to the invention, a bone joining plate ...

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A flow sensor comprising a pair of thin film heat sensors and a thin film heater is disclosed. A base supports the sensors and heater out of contact with the base with the sensors disposed on opposite sides of the heater. Also disclosed is a semiconductor device comprising a thin film member which c ...

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A receiver for frequency modulated signals, having down-conversion to a baseband, zero intermediate frequency for selectivity, followed by up-conversion to a non-zero IF for amplification, limiting, and demodulation.