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An efficient technique for concurrently executing the iterations of an iterative construct is described. A parallel-processing computer is provided which is capable of successfully processing computationally intensive applications typically found in engineering and scientific applications. A techniq ...

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Novel rapid-acting human insulin analogues are provided having less tendency to self-association into dimers, tetramers, hexamers, or polymers. The novel human insulin analogues are formed by substituting one or more of the amino acid residues of human insulin with naturally occuring amino acid resi ...

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In a gaming or amusement-with-prizes machine, following a surprise jackpot award given on rare random occasions at the start of a game or at the end of a non-winning game, the player is given a high-odds chance (e.g. fifty-fifty) directly on the following game of the award being repeated, and then, ...

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Enzymatic detergent additive the active component of which is a microbially produced lipase, wherein the lipase is producible by means of a lipase producing strain of Pseudomonas cepacia.


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Laser energy produced by a laser operating in the mid-infrared region (approximately 2 micrometers) is delivered by an optical fiber in a catheter to a surgical site for biological tissue removal and repair. Disclosed laser sources which have an output wavelength in this region include: Holmium-dope ...


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Die Erfindung betrifft eine Aufnahmeeinrichtung für eine Vorratslänge einer optischen Leitung, mit einem flachen Speicherraum, in welchem die Vorratslänge mit radialem Abstand um einen zentralen Kern gewunden und mit den Enden durch Umfangsöffnungen herausgeführt ist, von denen ein freies Ende unter ...

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An electrode (10) adapted to be utilized within the external ear canal (46) for applying/recording electrical signals to/from the neural/neuromuscular system of a person having an external ear canal (46) and adjacent tympanic membrane (48). The electrode (10) utilizes an elongated flexible body (12) ...