Ronald B Luther: Angioplasty device. Angiobrade Partners, Willie Krawitz, March 17, 1987: US04650466 (693 worldwide citation)

An angioplasty device is disclosed comprising a woven tube of metal or plastic fibers and a retraction stylet that are attached at one end to a catheter tube for insertion into a vein, artery and the like for the removal of plaque and similar material. One or more guide wires or a stylet may be atta ...

David A Gough: Method and membrane applicable to implantable sensor. The Regents of the University of California, Brown Martin Haller & Meador, March 17, 1987: US04650547 (440 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a novel membrane useful in an electro-chemical, optical or other sensor device and to a method employing the membrane for determining the concentration of large molecule compound such as glucose in an aqueous solution of that compound and a dissolved small molecule substanc ...

Ira J Ungar, J Thomas Mortimer: Asymmetric single electrode cuff for generation of unidirectionally propagating action potentials for collision blocking. Case Western Reserve University, Fay Sharpe Fagan Minnich & McKee, March 17, 1987: US04649936 (400 worldwide citation)

A single electrode, asymmetric electrode cuff (B) is disposed around a nerve trunk (A). A signal generator (C) is connected between a cathode (20) disposed asymmetrically in the electrode cuff and an anode (22) disposed in an electrically conductive relationship within the body tissue. The signal ge ...

Robert P Molitor, Terrence Melvin: Golf ball. Spalding & Evenflo Companies, Donald R Bahr, March 17, 1987: US04650193 (312 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a two-piece golf ball and methods for its production. The ball comprises a core having a central portion of a cross-linked, hard, resilient material and having a soft, deformable outer layer. Balls comprising the novel cores and a conventional cover material having playability propertie ...

Dominik M Wiktor: Catheter arrangement having a variable diameter tip and spring prosthesis. March 17, 1987: US04649922 (297 worldwide citation)

A catheter arrangement including an inflatable variable diameter element and a linearly expandable spring-like liner retained in a compressed state behind the inflatable element and means to change the diameter of the inflatable element. The expandable liner is transported to desired location in its ...

James A Thimsen, Terry L Whipple, Richard B Caspari: Surgical instrument. Precision Surgical Instruments, Richard P Matthews, March 17, 1987: US04649919 (272 worldwide citation)

A hand held surgical instrument for use in removing body tissue from a human body. It is particularly useful in arthroscopic surgery of joints such as of the knee or shoulder, but may also be used to remove tissue from the stomach, abdomen, jaw or other portions of the body. An auger-like helical cu ...

Louis Martinez: Integrated radio location and communication system. McGraw Edison Co, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, March 17, 1987: US04651156 (239 worldwide citation)

An integrated radio location and communication system comprising a plurality of radio locator-transmitter devices which may be fixed to vehicles and/or carried by persons and which are capable of transmitting the position and identity of said devices to two or more centrally located fixed receiver s ...

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A method and apparatus for positively indicating the position of a land-based vehicle, a marine vessel or an aircraft, utilizing a security system provided in the secured mode of transportation monitored by a central station. Navigational information transmitted by LORAN-C transmitters or satellite ...

Valentino J Stella, Paul E Kennedy: Prodrugs of rapamycin. University of Kansas, Arthur G Seifert, March 17, 1987: US04650803 (223 worldwide citation)

Water soluble prodrugs of rapamycin are disclosed which are useful as components in injectable pharmaceutical formulations for the treatment of tumors in mammals.

Allan I Krauter, Fred C Cope, John H Bean: Biopsy seal. Welch Allyn, Bruns and Wall, March 17, 1987: US04649904 (205 worldwide citation)

A disposable seal is provided for a luer lock end fitting, e.g. for a biopsy channel of an endoscope. The fitting has a tubular luer lock device and a retaining ring surrounding the tubular device. The seal is unitarily molded of a soft elastomer and has a double seal arrangement formed of an apertu ...