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Composite sheet material, used for shielding magnetism and electromagnetic waves, principally made of an electrodeposited iron foil, as the core, with a thickness of at least 10 .mu.m which is applied on either side surface thereof a plating layer with a respectively predetermined metal, and of, a c ...

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An improved flexible biopsy forceps with cleaning port for introducing cleansing fluid into the interior of the forceps.

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A multi-event notification system for monitoring preselected critical pressure points, as a function of pressure in a lapsed time, on the feet of persons being diagnosed as having diminished sensation in the feet. A plurality of pressure transducers for measuring and monitoring pressure at any numbe ...

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A telephone network interface device adapted for limited access by telephone subscribers comprising a base on which there is a first and second set of terminals, the first set of terminals are adapted to be connected to the portion of a telephone subscriber loop not owned by the subscriber and the s ...

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A surgical fastener is made from a blend of a lactide/glycolide copolymer and poly(p-dioxanone).

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A system adapted for alternative use as a diverter or a blowout preventer for a bottom supported rig and adapted for positioning beneath a rotary table of the drilling rig is disclosed. The system comprises a fluid flow controller and at least two bases adapted for being alternatively removably secu ...

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Perfluoropolyether oligomers or block polymers, having a backbone with one or a plurality of perfluoropolyether segments each consisting essentially of (1) at least one perfluoroisopropyleneoxy unit, (2) a bis(perfluoromethyleneoxy-terminated) unit, and (3) a perfluoroethylidene unit terminating eac ...

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An endoscopic photographing apparatus has a TV camera with a CCD image sensor which is mounted on an eyepiece section of an endoscope, a light flash source for supplying a light flash as photographing light to the endoscope, and an observation light source for supplying observation light. The light ...

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Methods and apparatus for restructuring one or more debt obligations issued in the form of interest-bearing bonds into a serial issue of zero coupon bonds. The data processing system evaluates the cash flows and present value of an existing bond, then creates a serial issue of zero coupon bonds whic ...