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An endoscope sheath having a flexible tube surrounding the elongated core of an endoscope. The flexible tube has a transparent window near its distal end positioned in front of the viewing window of the endoscope. Channels for taking biopsies, injecting air or injecting water to wash the window of t ...

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A rotatable surgical tool is disclosed for cutting and removing tissue from a patient. The tool includes an outer tubular member having a proximal end portion and a distal end portion. An inner tubular member has a distal end portion and a proximal end portion with the distal end portion of the inne ...

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A diagnostic medium contains at least one physiologically well tolerated complex salt comprising an anion of a complexing acid and one or more central ion or ions of an element with an atomic number of 21 to 29, 42, 44 or 57 to 83 and, optionally, one or more physiologically biocompatible cation or ...

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A surgical stapler including a stapling assembly, an actuator assembly remote from the stapling assembly, and a longitudinal shaft assembly having a longitudinally curved section for connecting the actuator assembly to the stapling assembly and for transmitting the forces and motions required to ope ...

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An ultrasound unit for the clinical application of hyperthermia to tumor cells in soft tissue. The ultrasound hyperthermic unit includes in one aspect an array of sonic transducers (1) radially disposed about an axis and angled to direct sonic energy (12) towards said axis at a point remote from sai ...

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A process for the preparation of implantable biological tissue, and in particular bioprosthetic heart valves, which are prone to calcification after implantation. The process includes treatment of tissue with solutions prior to implantation which have been found effective in reducing calcification o ...

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The invention is an apparatus for breaking up a thrombus by introducing a rotating drive shaft into the thrombus whereby the fibrin of the thrombus will be withdrawn from the thrombus onto the rotating drive shaft, thereby breaking up the network of the thrombus which prevents blood flow. The appara ...

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A wafering machine having a multiplicity of wire cutting blades supported by a bladehead reciprocally moving past a workpiece supported by a holder that rocks about an axis perpendicular to the wires at a frequency less than the reciprocation of the bladehead.

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A system for the automatic insertion of auxiliary video information into a television signal received at a local station from a network distribution system is provided which inserts a trigger signal into the television signal before its distributed to the local stations. The trigger signal indicates ...

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A timepiece with variable color digital display indicates time in digital format and in a color variable in accordance with the output of a transducer. In the preferred embodiment, the color of the timepiece display is controlled, either in a plurality of steps or substantially continuously, in acco ...