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An ultrasonic atomiser (1) for liquid comprises an atomiser housing (2) to which liquid is fed under pressure by a pump (10). The housing (2 )has spray openings (4) of equal diameter,and the liquid jets issuing from the openings (4) are stimulated to give uniform diameter droplets by an ultrasonic v ...

Douglas Gordon, Allen Peter: Control of drilling courses in the drilling of bore holes. Cambridge Radiation Tech, January 28, 1987: GB2177738-A (48 worldwide citation)

Drilling apparatus comprises a drill collar (10), a drill bit (12), two spaced stabilisers (16, 18), which act to locate the drill collar (10) within a bore hole (14) being drilled, and a control stabiliser (20) including activating means which do not rotate with the collar for applying a controlled ...

Davidson Ian Arthur: Communications system. Marconi Electronic Devices, January 28, 1987: GB2177873-A (40 worldwide citation)

A communications system has a plurality of remote stations linked to a master station via three channels, two of which are data channels, and one of which is a signal channel. The two data channels carry time multiplexed digital signals to and from the master station respectively. The signal channel ...


Guest John Derek: Improvements in or relating to hose connectors. Guest John D, January 28, 1987: GB2177769-A (38 worldwide citation)

A hose connector comprising an open ended hollow spigot preferably having a number of annular barb-shaped projections 15 encircling the spigot at spaced locations to grip and hold an end of a hose 14 forced over the spigot. In order to resist very high pressures in the hose causing expansion of the ...


Bolte Georg Dr: Method and apparatus for decorating metal or plastic containers.. Schmalbach Lubeca, January 28, 1987: EP0209896-A2 (31 worldwide citation)

1. A device for decorating containers made of metal, plastics, glass, cardboard or paper, also as composite material, which containers are limited at least partially as seen in cross-section by round or oval wall portions, by applying printed pictures, which extend at least over a part of the round ...

Mueller Erich Dr Dipl Chem, Hauel Norbert Dr Dipl Chem, Noll Klaus Dr Dipl Chem, Narr Berthold Dr Dipl Chem, Heider Joachim Dr Dipl Chem, Psiorz Manfred Dr Dipl Chem, Bomhard Andreas Dr Dipl Chem, Van Meel Jacques Dr, Diederen Willi Dr: 2-aryl imidazoles, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and process for their preparation.. Thomae Dr K, January 28, 1987: EP0209707-A2 (29 worldwide citation)

2-Arylimidazoles of the formula in which R denotes a hydrogen atom or an alkyl group, Ar denotes a group of the formula A and B together with the two carbon atoms in between denote a group of the formula in which R1 denotes an alkylsulphenyl, alkylsulphinyl, alkylsulphonyl or alkylsulphoximino group ...

Anderson Scott Richard: Dual-pass continuously variable transmission with asymetric variator.. Borg Warner, January 28, 1987: EP0210053-A2 (28 worldwide citation)

A dual-pass continuously variable transmission includes an input shaft (12), an output shaft (16), gear sets forming gear trains having equal fixed ratios, and an asymmetric variator (48) having a ratio range with limits of an underdrive ratio numerically less than an overdrive ratio, which in turn ...