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A stereotactic method and apparatus for treating a region of a patient's body defines points in the region using a three-dimensional coordinate system with reference to a ring attached to the patient for establishing a reference point for the three-dimensional coordinate system at the center of the ...

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An improved method and apparatus for identifying and verifying the proper airing of television broadcast programs wherein from the television broadcast, it can be assured that the programs were televised and received properly and aired at the scheduled time. The invention utilizes prerecorded or liv ...

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An inflatable balloon capable of being delivered to a site within a body via a catheter or the like, includes on its surface a composition. The composition is capable of inducing the formation of a thrombosis followed by invasion of capillaries and fibroblasts to the thrombosis and subsequent scar f ...

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A graphics input/output device contains a graphics input pad having an array of transparent capacitive pixels the capacitance characteristics of which are changed in response to the passing of a conductive-tipped stylus over the surface of the pad. This change in capacitance is sensed by sense buffe ...

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A wireless PBX or LAN system is disclosed that allows multiple, simultaneous users per channel for communication between a base station and a plurality of remote terminals by a combination of adaptive signal processing arrays using optimum combining at the base station for interference suppression a ...

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An implantable electrophoretic pump for ionic drugs and the method of using the same is provided. A reservoir is provided with a filler opening and a discharge opening. The discharge opening has a diffusion membrane and a pair of associated electrodes. A battery and electronic components provide for ...

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The invention includes certain 3,4,5-trihydroxypiperidine compounds, methods for their preparation, compositions containing said 3,4,5-trihydroxypiperidine compounds and methods for the use of said compounds and compositions.

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A portable general-purpose electronic apparatus which is characterized in that; a memory unit can be inserted into the housing via an inlet so that any desired display information memorized by the memory unit can be displayed on a screen display, and as a result, a variety of information can be conv ...

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The detection system includes a cartridge having a first detection port for detecting the pressure condition in the top portion of the cartridge and a second detection port and tube for detecting the pressure condition in a bottom portion of the cartridge. The cooperative printer structure couples t ...

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In a computer system, an improved memory circuit is provided for accomodating video display circuits with CRT screens having different resolutions. The memory circuit includes a bit-mapped RAM unit or chip having sufficient cells to accomodate any CRT screen intended to be used, and it further inclu ...