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A surgical stapling instrument suitable for performing a gastrointestinal anastomosis. The stapling instrument includes a pair of elongate jaw members, one of which supports a staple cartridge adapted to receive at least two laterally spaced longitudinal rows of staples, and the other provided with ...

Hector Chow, Hugh Melling, Denise S Schieltz: Surgical stapling instrument with jaw clamping mechanism. Senmed, Charles P Boukus Jr, Jerrold J Litzinger, January 6, 1987: US04633861 (403 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling instrument suitable for performing a gastrointestinal anastomosis is provided. The stapling instrument incorporates a jaw clamping mechanism which applies clamping forces to its jaw members to resist the forces exerted on the anvil and staple cartridge carrying portions of the ja ...

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A saline solution is pumped through a semi-permeable, hollow-fiber circuit implantable in a living body. A sensor determines the concentration of glucose in the solution. A microcomputer unit controls the supply of insulin and glucose to the body on the basis of the glucose concentration measurement ...

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The present invention relates to processes for inserting DNA into eucaryotic cells, particularly DNA which includes a gene or genes coding for desired proteinaceous materials for which no selective criteria exist. The insertion of such DNA molecules is accomplished by cotransforming eucaryotic cells ...

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A system including a portable personal terminal which may be used for handling a wide variety of financial, shopping, and other transactions. The personal terminal is credit-card sized, is intelligent, includes a plurality of transaction totals and is constructed to be user friendly. An interface mo ...

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A mesh or fabric, having zero to variable stretch, is made from absorbable or partially absorbable fibers. The mesh or fabric can be either knitted or woven. The fabric is useful in surgical repair.

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In order to prevent the unauthorized copying of software, a software module is encrypted using the data encryption standard (DES) algorithm, and the key is encrypted using the public key of a public/private key algorithm. To use the module it is entered into a software protection device where the pr ...

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A method for use with a computerized axial tomographic scanner (CAT) of providing an image of a sample that has spatial resolution in the axial direction that is smaller than the width of the X-ray beam of the CAT. The sample is scanned at a plurality of points in a plurality of cross sections that ...

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An improved ultrasonic surgical handpiece includes an angled connecting body between the transducer and operative tip, with the connecting body being bent at a location between the node and antinode at its respective ends and with a second nodal plane support in the transducer section. The vibrating ...

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When programming a radio and/or television receiver for future transmissions, problems may occur due to overlapping of the programmed transmissions. For this purpose the individually programmed transmissions are provided with priority data which control the sequence in the event of overlapping trans ...