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A cylindrical suture anchor having a drill formed on one end thereof and flights of threads formed on the other whereto at least one section of suture is permanently secured, the anchor to be turned through a driver maintained and turned by a separate drilling device operated by an orthopedic surgeo ...

David T Green, Douglas G Noiles: Surgical stapler apparatus. United States Surgical Corporation, Thomas R Bremer, December 30, 1986: US04632290 (344 worldwide citation)

An improved anvil for crimping or clinching generally U-shaped surgical staples in a surgical stapler includes a main channel transverse to the bases of the staples, the bottom surface of the main channel being the staple crimping or clinching surface and having a plurality of closely spaced grooves ...

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An orthopedic implant device is provided for bringing portions of a fractured bone into proper alignment and abutment. The device is an elongate generally cylindrical unit surgically implanted within living bone with a fractured portion and includes a plurality of pivotally mounted struts which are ...


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Disclosed herein is an apparatus and process for conducting immunoassays. The apparatus comprises a first member which is a membrane or a filter to which is bound an antibody, typically a monoclonal antibody, or which is capable of extracting cells from a fluid sample. The apparatus further comprise ...

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Apparatus for positioning a prosthetic acetabular cup within an acetabulum during total hip replacement surgery. The apparatus includes a pusher ball, a pusher arm affixed to the pusher ball, a positioner arm, and a positioner flange affixed to the positioner arm. The apparatus also includes a slot ...

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An electrodeionization apparatus and process are provided for removing ions from liquids. Liquid to be purified is passed through depleting compartments containing mixed anion and cation exchange resin beads while a second liquid is passed through concentrating compartments free of ion exchange resi ...

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An office partition is formed by interconnection at adjacent posts of screens each comprising a load-carrying frame of posts and rails. Cladding panels are demountably supported on each face of the frame at an outward clearance from the posts and rails. Each cladding panel has on its concealed face ...

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A microprocessor based TV/TTX processor includes a stored pages ROM in the TTX processor for storing on-screen display messages and lists of functions and characteristics as pages of TTX data. An RGB switch is coupled to receive the output of a character generator in the TTX processor and to receive ...

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In an image forming apparatus, a holder for holding a roll wound in a rolled state from a sheet is provided on a housing for covering a body having an image forming function.