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Procedures and devices for opening restrictions, e.g., occlusions, in passageways, e.g., arteries, of living beings. The device basically comprises an elongated, flexible recanalization catheter arranged to be threaded through the passageway to the site of the restriction. The catheter includes a wo ...

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A rear view mirror for a motor vehicle comprising a two-way mirror in which a tinted glass plate is mounted flush against a housing on one side with a rim bracket designed to keep out all light. The housing incorporates instruments and devices to show information by LED's including a digital clock, ...

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A means for carrying out sequential, solid phase syntheses is disclosed as are methods of its use. The synthesis means comprises a foraminous container that encloses reactive particles. The particles are larger than any of the foraminae and have a known amount of covalently linked organic synthesis ...

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An apparatus with a common aperture and multiple image recording surfaces with individual filters and/or controlled shutters enables the implementation of several methods of 3-D measurement systems. The parallel nature of the device lends to short measurement times suitable for measuring moving obje ...

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An apparatus for injecting a substance into a human or animal comprising a body, a needle coupled to the body and terminating in a point and a needle guard mounted on the body for movement from a retracted position in which the guard does not shield the needle to an extended position in which the gu ...

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There is disclosed an arrangement for applying a tissue adhesive based on human or animal proteins to seamlessly or seam-supportingly connect human or animal tissue or organ parts, to seal wounds, stop bleedings and the like. The tissue adhesive is formed in situ by combining solutions of the protei ...

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A bicycle having pivoted lever pedal system (1, 2, 45) and lever arm length or gear ratio (speed) change devices (3, 4, 5, 6). Propulsion forces from the lever pedals (1) are transferred via the lever arm length change device (3) through a flexible interconnecting cable and pulley system (7, 8, 9, 1 ...

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A dilatation catheter is provided at its distal end with an invertable-evertable balloon which expands longitudinally and then radially and is provided at the proximal side of that balloon with a sleeve balloon which expands radially.

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Dense star polyamines having terminal group densities greater than extended conventional star polyamines exhibit greater and more uniform reactivity than their corresponding extended conventional star polyamines. For example, a second generation, amine-terminated polyamine dense star polyamine prepa ...

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Fertilizer spreading apparatus includes a vehicle carrying a plurality of product bins, each for carrying a fertilizing product. Feeder devices are provided to meter product from the bins which is collected and spread over the field to be fertilized. A computerized control system is provided which h ...