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Hand-held shirt-pocket portable medical diagnostic system for checking measurement of blood glucose, urea nitrogen, hemoglobin, blood components or other body qualities. The system includes the engagement of a disposable needle or lance probe package which carries a chemical reagent strip such as bl ...

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An electronic apparatus for improving skills in reflex, speed and accuracy of the player as well as for recreational purposes is disclosed in which multiple targets spread around the player are selected with random sequence by an electronic device. The selections of targets are indicated by the visu ...

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Prostheses useful for articulating cartilage replacement, and which are attached to host bone without the use of cements, are derived from bone. Allogenic or xenogenic bone segments are machined into the desired shape and differentially demineralized. The completely demineralized portion has a spong ...

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A device for administering medicaments to patients comprises a housing containing a cylindrical chamber. A support is arranged inside the chamber to support a carrier, such as a blister pack. The blister pack has a plurality of containers or blisters arranged in a circle. When a blister pack is loca ...

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A process for stabilizing a lubricating oil base stock derived from a nitro-aromatic-containing hydrocracked bright stock, comprising a two-step stabilizing process utilizing hydrodenitrification followed by mild hydrofinishing.

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An improved currency validator having an electrical signal generating sensor for scanning an area of a bank note and generating a sequence of electrical signals in response to the currency identifying characteristics detected by the sensor in the area scanned is described. Circuitry is provided for ...

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A coextruded tri-layered medical-surgical tubing for the administration of common medicines such as insulin and nitroglycerin solutions is disclosed. Improved flexibility and uniformity and increased peel strength are obtained by interposing a layer of an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer between an ...

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A sunflower seed is disclosed which has both a high oleic acid content and a low linoleic acid content. Also disclosed is a sunflower seed which has a white or gray seed coat and which contains approximately 80% or greater by weight of olkeic acid. Also described are novel sunflowers for producing t ...

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An improved noise suppression system (400) is disclosed which performs speech quality enhancement upon speech-plus-noise signal available at the input (205) to generate a clean speech signal at the output (265) by spectral gain modification. The noise suppression system of the present invention incl ...

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A retractor with pivoting arms which reduces the amount of pressure exerted on the small ribs of the upper part of the rib cage when the rib cage is retracted for open heart surgery. One of the arms is pivotally mounted to the cross-bar and the other is pivotally mounted to a cursor. The cursor move ...