Greenwood John Christopher, Newstead Dennis Percy: Dirigible reflector and mounting made of single crystal material. Stc, December 3, 1986: GB2175705-A (99 worldwide citation)

A dirigible reflector in which the reflector 2 and its mountings 3-8 are formed integrally in single crystal material, for example silicon by selective etching. The reflector may be used in optical scanning system for reading/writing information stored optically on a member, for example a credit car ...

Minami Syuji, Kajiura Hirokazu, Oda Hidekuni, Yamaguchi Hideaki: Novel random copolymer, and process for production thereof.. Mitsui Petrochemical, December 3, 1986: EP0203799-A1 (97 worldwide citation)

A random copolymer is characterized in that (A) the copolymer comprises polymerized ethylene units and polymerized units of at least one cycloolefin, (B) the mole ratio of the polymerized cycloolefin units to the polymerized ethylene units is from 3:97 to 60:40, (C) the cycloolefin is incorporated i ...



Akasaki Toshiro: Moisture-absorbing cloth and method for its production.. Nordson, December 3, 1986: EP0203289-A2 (53 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a method of adhering a first substrate (12) to a second substrate (11) by preparing a foamable hot-melt adhesive, spraying the hot-melt adhesive in a formed state from a nozzle, whereby said foam being directed toward said first substrate, depositing that hot-melt adhesive f ...


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Zum Überprüfen der Berechtgigung des Zugangs zu einem Signalverarbeitungssystem (SVS) von mit diesem verbundenen für die Abgabe und ggfs. auch für die Aufnahme von Signalen ausgelegten peripheren Einrichtungen (TE, BS) her ist vorgesehen, dass für jede der peripheren Einrichtungen in dem Signalverar ...


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An apparatus for storing and automatically dispensing and applying surgical staples (100) in serial fashion includes a pistol-like tool having means (101) for storing a large plurality of staples (100) in parallel, stacked column fashion aligned along the longitudinal (barrel) axis of the tool. A fo ...

Allied Corporation: Solution processible forms of neutral and electrically conductive poly(substituted heterocycles).. Allied, December 3, 1986: EP0203438-A1 (32 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to solutions comprising doped and undoped poly(substituted heterocycles) and an organic solvent which can be used to form conducting polymer articles, including films.