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A power conversion device of simple configuration for a solar cell which permits the solar cell to be connected to the commercial power source and enables the maximum electric power corresponding to the amount of incident sunlight to be drawn from the solar cell.

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A heart valve prosthesis has a supporting frame (22) with a circular cross-section, which is covered with a dacron fabric (23). On one end face the dacron fabric (23) is arranged to form a suture ring (14). The fixed aortic valve (15,16,17) of a kangaroo is attached inside the frame and sutured to t ...

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A surgical rasp for scraping and reshaping bones, particularly useful in cosmetic surgery, comprises a handle and a rasp surfaced insert made from a tungsten carbide attached thereto. The tooth pattern of the rasped surface is created by cutting a plurality of substantially parallel grooves into the ...

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An information processor has a plurality of instruction execution units, and a circuit which distributes the decoded information of a currently decoded instruction to one of the instruction execution units on the basis of the decoded information of that instruction and the decoded information of a p ...


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A method of distillation employing a heat pump (which may be driven by a compressor) using a vapor stream from within the distillation system as a heat source and a liquid stream from within the distillation system as a heat sink. The selection of heat-source vapors and heat-sink liquid is such that ...

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A method of scheduling a meeting among terminal users who are provided with calendaring applications for storing and retrieving timed and dated events. Included is presentation to a meeting scheduler of a prompting screen with blanks for keying in desired times and dates, and prospective attendees. ...

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The present invention relates to athletic garments and, in particular, to tight, form-fitting athletic garment with panels to simultaneously warm preselected small, fragile muscles and tendons and provide ventilation for preselected large, hard-working and heat-generating muscles. In a preferred emb ...

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An integral fluid filter and capillary restrictor unit, or alternatively an integral fluid filter and multiple orifice restrictor unit, is resiliently positioned in a manifold body which is edge mounted to a flat cylindrical assembly which contains the medication reservoir and pressure stabilizing c ...

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A method of assuring that each of a plurality of contemporaneously active database transactions comprising at least one read transaction and at most one update transaction has a consistent view of a database storing a plurality of versions of a relation. A transaction has a consistent view of a data ...