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A liquid crystal type dazzle-free reflection mirror arrangement which changes reflectivity of the incident light by way of changing the transmittivity of the incident light through a liquid crystal provided within a frame body is disclosed. A semitransparent mirror is positioned behind the liquid cr ...

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A reconfigurable remote control transmitter is disclosed that has the ability to learn, store and repeat the remote control codes from any other infrared transmitter. The reconfigurable remote control transmitter includes an infrared receiver, a microprocessor, nonvolatile and scratch pad random acc ...

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The hardness and microstructure of aluminous abrasives produced from alumina gels are enhanced by introduction of seed material as by wet vibratory milling of the material with alumina media, or by the direct addition of very fine alpha alumina particles in the amount of 1% or less.

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An intramedullary nail for use in fractures of the left or right femur includes a body having a head, an intermediate portion and a distal tip. Transverse openings are provided in the body near the distal tip and in the head for receiving locking screws. One opening in the head has its axis within t ...

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A method and apparatus in which a blunt interior needle is positioned within a larger external needle and a sample cavity is formed at the blunt end of the interior needle. An optical fiber extends from the sample cavity up the interior needle and to a light source and light detector. A reflective s ...

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Apparatus and process for selectively heat treating at least a portion of an article in the field with autoregulated heating. The autoregulated heating is provided by a heater including at least a first magnetic material disposed along the portion of the article to be heat treated. The first magneti ...

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A system for providing television, information and data signals via a transmission network to selected subscribers, to groups of subscribers, or to all subscribers connected in common to the transmission network. An address code signal is stored at the subscriber station, and an option code signal i ...

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A method for reducing the nitrogen content of shale oil is disclosed. The method comprises distilling shale oil to form a distillate containing lighter shale oil compounds and a residue containing heavier compounds. Nitrogen-containing compounds are extracted from the distillate to form a first nitr ...

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A breathing valve having a valve chamber connectable to a gas supply and to a breathing device, a gas flow opening for exit of exhaled gases through which atmospheric air may be inducted into the chamber, a valve member in the chamber, a one-way flow opening in the valve member through which gas may ...

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The present invention provides an improved, ballistic-resistant composite article of manufacture which comprises a network of high strength fibers having a tensile modulus of at least about 500 grams/denier and an energy-to-break of at least about 22 Joules/gram. An elastomeric matrix material subst ...