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A mechanical needle carrier is provided which can grasp and carry a surgical needle through a cannula, position the needle and set a stitch at the remote location and then release the needle and be withdrawn from the cannula.

William New Jr, James E Corenman: Calibrated optical oximeter probe. Nellcor Incorporated, November 11, 1986: US04621643 (360 worldwide citation)

A probe apparatus for use with an optical oximeter is disclosed. A pair of light emitting diodes emit light of known narrow wavelengths through an appendage of a patient onto a photosensor. A resistor of coded known resistance is used to enable the oximeter to calculate the co-efficient of extinctio ...

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A device useful in allowing two or more video gaming devices to be placed in a common cabinet, thus reducing floor space requirements and thereby improving profit yield per square foot in a gaming establishment or casino. Cabinet configuration includes mirror image cabinet halves, each of which incl ...

Charles C Harris: Package for horticultural items. Cohn Powell & Hind, November 11, 1986: US04621733 (206 worldwide citation)

A package for horticultural items with a receptacle includes a container having a base portion for supporting the receptacle and side portions connected to and extending upwardly from the base portion about the receptacle. A flexible sleeve engages the container side portions to support the containe ...

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A tightly coupled computer system which provides for data coherency and includes an addressable main memory for storing blocks of data, a plurality of processors for accessing the blocks of data, each of the processors having an addressable cache memory for storing a number of blocks of data, a bus ...

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Electrical switching power supply for microprocessors and the like comprising a high voltage d.c. source (30, 34, 32, 50) resonant circuit (38, 51, 42, 52) including a switching transistor (52) which is operated in Megahertz range and provides pulses, via a transformer (40), rectifier (56), smoothin ...

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The apparatus serves to locate transverse holes V of intramedullary implantates, especially in the distal end of implanted interlocking nails, in the fracture treatment of bones. The apparatus includes at least one magnet (13, 16) generating an axially symmetrical field, and a magnetic field detecti ...

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Apparatus and methods are disclosed which are most advantageously used in conjunction with a digital computer to provide improved graphics capability. These techniques permit the representation and manipulation of any arbitrarily shaped image in terms of "inversion points". Inversion points defining ...

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A method and apparatus for creating monolithic structures formed of fiber reinforced resin composites, i.e., layers or plies bonded together by a cured resin is disclosed. A plurality of dry plies (13, 15, 17, 19) are stacked to create a dry preform (11). The orientation of the plies is based on the ...

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Rotating anode x-ray generating apparatus including a mechanism which utilizes the rotational motion of the anode (20) to increase the effective rate of coolant with respect to the anode heat exchange surface (43).