Loth Eric: Wrist watch with parts covered by an extra hard material.. Rado Montres, October 29, 1986: EP0199207-A1 (94 worldwide citation)

La boîte de montre comporte des moyens pour fixer la glace à la boîte qui présentent des faces qui sont exposées à l'extérieur de la montre et, par conséquent, susceptibles de se rayer. Ces faces apparentes (21) sont protégées par un blindage constitué essentiellement d'un substrat (23) fait en carb ...

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A pipette (10) useful with disposable tips (A, B), comprising a plurality of differently-sized pistons (30, 32) and a piston chamber (34, 36) for each piston (30, 32). Each piston chamber (34, 36) has a vent passageway (42, 44) extending to the exterior surface of the pipette (10). The pipette (10) ...

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Recombinant envelope proteins of the etiologic agent of acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) useful in diagnosis and therapy of AIDS and a method for their preparation are described. Proviral DNA is transferred into a host cell after engineering into an expression vector which produces the env ...


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Composés benzonaphtaléniques répondant à la formule suivante : dans laquelle : - R1 représente: (i) ou (ii) - CH2OH R6 représente un radical ou un radical - OR7 , R7 représentant un atome d'hydrogène, un radical alkyle ayant de 1 à 20 atomes de carbone, un radical monohydroxyalkyle, ou un radical po ...

Tsuyama Sadaharu: Exerciser.. Tsuyama Mfg, October 29, 1986: EP0199442-A2 (56 worldwide citation)

In the first place, inputted from a key switch portion (29) is a personal identification code for a person to use the exerciser. In response to this, personal data corresponding to the identification code are read from the storage means, to be set as the user's data. Thereafter the user performs exe ...

Barthel Fritz Dipl Ing: Cross-country ski binding.. Barthel Fritz, October 29, 1986: EP0199098-A2 (51 worldwide citation)

1. Cross-country ski binding, comprising a front fixing means for the pivotal mounting of a ski boot for cross-country skiing, the front fixing means having two pivotally mounted and mutually opposing tensioning means which are intended to be pressed in the use position against corresponding recesse ...