Kees Schouhamer Immink
Kornelis A Schouhamer Immink: Method of transmitting information, encoding device for use in the method, and decoding device for use in the method. U S Philips Corporation, Thomas A Briody, William J Streeter, Edward W Goodman, October 28, 1986: US04620311 (54 worldwide citation)

A method of converting n-bit information words into m-bit code words, and the other way round, is described. The code words have a limited disparity. For every information word, two code words are assigned to a group of information words, which code words can be derived from one another by inversion ...

Arne Molgaard Nielsen, Rolf Gunther: Collapsible filter basket. William Cook Europe, Woodard Weikart Emhardt & Naughton, October 28, 1986: US04619246 (654 worldwide citation)

A plurality of resilient wires interconnected at their respective ends form a collapsible filter basket adapted to be introduced into a blood vessel of a patient. The basket in its expanded and relaxed state forms an apertured, elongate solid of revolution with pointed ends and has a base as measure ...

Katsumi Niki, Katsuyoshi Kobayashi, Hiroo Inoguchi, Tatsuhiko Yagi: Chemically modified electrodes and their uses. Ajinomoto Company Incorporated, Oblon Fisher Spivak McClelland & Maier, October 28, 1986: US04619754 (355 worldwide citation)

An electrically conducting solid electrode having a surface on which a nitrogen-containing electron mediator and a strong acidic cation exchange resin containing aromatic groups are immobilized is disclosed along with methods for producing this electrode and uses therefor.

Ping I Lee: Method of producing annealed polyvinyl alcohol contact lens. Ciba Geigy Corporation, Michael W Glynn, Irving M Fishman, October 28, 1986: US04619793 (331 worldwide citation)

Optically clear soft contact lenses of aqueous swollen solid polyvinyl alcohol having a weight average molecular weight of at least 6,000, having been annealed under crystallinity promoting conditions to effectively increase the elastic modulus of the swollen lenses, and optionally subsequently cros ...

James Taylor: Surgical stapling device. Syncare, Michael Ebert, October 28, 1986: US04619262 (288 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling device loaded with staples each having a pair of parallel limbs bridged by a straight crosspiece. In operation, as the limbs are implanted by the device on opposite sides of a skin incision, they are bent inwardly toward each other below the skin surface to close the incision, th ...

Chao Liang Bai: Catheter. Bachman & LaPointe, October 28, 1986: US04619643 (222 worldwide citation)

A double lumen catheter made up of an elongated integral flexible plastic thin-walled tubular body extending from a proximal end part, through an intermediate part, to a distal end part, terminating in a tip. The intermediate part has an outer wall and an internal septum wall containing juxtaposed a ...

Toshio Amano, Yoshihisa Fujioka, Kunio Nagai, Osamu Oda: Picture display device. Sony Corporation, Lewis H Eslinger, Alvin Sinderbrand, October 28, 1986: US04620229 (212 worldwide citation)

A picture display apparatus has respective modes in which it displays at least three different types of pictures in sequence in response to actuations of a single switch. The picture display apparatus may be incorporated within a conventional television receiver having a programmable timer, and in s ...

Edward J Sharkany, Richard J Mathews Sr: Surgical stapling instrument. Acme United Corporation, Mattern Ware Stoltz & Fressola, October 28, 1986: US04619391 (173 worldwide citation)

A unique, surgical stapling instrument is attained by incorporating staple guiding and supporting cam means positioned in active, cooperating relationship to the legs of the staple during its formation. In this way, unwanted angular pitching or wobbling of the staple during formation is substantiall ...

Roger D McCumber, Rein S Teder: Rain-controlled windshield wipers. Vericom, Orrin M Haugen, Thomas J Nikolai, October 28, 1986: US04620141 (152 worldwide citation)

An electronic control system for windshield wipers on motor vehicles for initiating wiping action in response to the occurrence and level of precipitation on the windshield. A sensor unit comprising a block containing an array of photo-sensors arranged in a bridge configuration and a corresponding a ...

Masato Shibuya, Makoto Uehara: Illumination optical arrangement. Nippon Kogaku, Shapiro and Shapiro, October 28, 1986: US04619508 (148 worldwide citation)

An illumination optical arrangement comprises light source means emitting a coherent light beam, and means for forming a substantially incoherent light source from the coherent light beam. The incoherent light source forming means includes means for periodically deflecting the coherent light beam an ...

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