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An alcohol and/or carboxylic acid ester is (are) produced from a C2 to C12 carboxylic acid by contacting the carboxylic acid at elevated temperature and pressure with hydrogen in the presence of a heterogeneous catalyst characterised in that the catalyst comprises a first component which is either m ...


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Bacterial plasmids carrying the PreS1-PreS2-S protein coding region, but lacking sequences encoding the hepatitis B core antigen, are used for transfection of eukaryotic cell lines for production of particles containing polypeptides encoded by the PreS1-PreS2-S protein coding region.



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A planar transformer comprises an insulating or semiconductor substrate 1, such as gallium arsenide, in which the primary and secondary conductor turns of spiral configuration are formed at different levels within a dielectric layer 2,3 applied to the substrate. This configuration enables the primar ...

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Washing machine, particularly dishwashing machine, provided with a self-cleaning filter for filtering the washing and rinsing liquid. The filter consists of a container (22) having at least two chambers (23, 24) and containing a filtering mass (27) including granules with a density higher or lower t ...

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1. Method for producing a hollow body of complex shape by winding a composite product based on continuous fibres impregnated with a resin, according to which at least one layer of the said composite product, being in the form of a tape, is deposited on a surface carried by a forming body (1, 10) by ...

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Absorbent structures comprising a continuous matrix of hydrophilic fibers, having dispersed therein particles of a water-insoluble hydrogel, are disclosed. The distribution of hydrogel particles is showed toward the back face of the structure, resulting in the back face half containing at least 60% ...