Dolana Gary H: Photodynamic inactivation of virus in therapeutic protein compositions.. Baxter Travenol Lab, October 8, 1986: EP0196515-A1 (111 worldwide citation)

Viruses present in therapeutic protein compositions are inactivated without substantially affecting the activity of the protein by exposing the compositon to light in the presence of a photosensitizer until the viruses are inactivated. The resulting compositions are substantially free of infectious ...

Heinemann Herbert: Panels to cover the exterior walls of buildings.. Heinemann Herbert, October 8, 1986: EP0196672-A2 (73 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to elongated panels (1) for the cladding of external walls, especially facades of buildings. An outer metal carrier (26) and an inner insulating layer (23) are connected firmly to one another. Viewed from the carrier, the insulating layer extends further than the carrier or tha ...

Nestor John J: N,n-dialkylguanidino dipeptides.. Syntex, October 8, 1986: EP0196841-A1 (62 worldwide citation)

N,N-dialkylguanidino dipeptides with angiotension converting enzyme inhibiting activity are useful as antihypertensives. Proline and proline analogs are components of the dipeptides.


Wardley Michael Thomas: Improvements in or relating to cutting elements for rotary drill bits.. Nl Petroleum Prod, October 8, 1986: EP0196777-A1 (58 worldwide citation)

A method of producing a thermally stable polycrystalline diamond compact comprises placing in a high pressure/high temperature apparatus a mass of polycrystalline diamond particles, the mass having a front face and a rear face, and a mass of catalyst metallic material, and then subjecting the masses ...

Verschuur Eke: Energy storage and recovery.. Shell Int Research, October 8, 1986: EP0196690-A1 (57 worldwide citation)

During off-peak hours, mechanical energy is stored by pumping liquid from a first cavern into a second cavern containing a gas. In this way the gas in the second cavern is compressed. The stored energy is recovered by allowing the gas in the second cavern to expand, which causes liquid to flow-back ...

Chien Yie Wen, Lee Chia Shun: A novel transdermal pharmaceutical absorption dosage unit.. Univ Rutgers, October 8, 1986: EP0196769-A2 (55 worldwide citation)

A novel transdermal pharmaceutical polymer matrix dosage unit is provided which comprises a backing layer, an adjoining layer of a solid polymer matrix in which the pharmaceutical is microdispersed and a final biologically acceptable adhesive polymer layer which has dispersed therein a skin permeati ...


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A gramma-globulin aqueous solution can be subjected to sterile heat-treatment without losing its activity when the treatment is conducted in the presence of at least one stabilizer which is a monosaccharide, disaccharide or sugar-alcohol added to the solution. The stabilizer serves to decrease the h ...