Larry J Hornbeck: Frame addressed spatial light modulator. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Carlton H Hoel, James T Comfort, Melvin Sharp, October 7, 1986: US04615595 (385 worldwide citation)

A frame addressed spatial light modulator with pixels arranged along columns of charge transfer devices, and optical projection and processing systems using such modulators are disclosed. The pixels include electrostatically deflectable flaps supported by conducting posts with nodes gated to the cha ...

Joseph R Robinson: Bioadhesive compositions and methods of treatment therewith. Bio Mimetics, Dressler Goldsmith Shore Sutker & Milnamow, October 7, 1986: US04615697 (216 worldwide citation)

A controlled release treatment composition and method of use are disclosed. The composition includes a bioadhesive and an effective amount of a treating agent. The bioadhesive is a water-swellable, but water-insoluble, fibrous, cross-linked carboxy-functional polymer containing (a) a plurality of re ...

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A sensor assembly for electrochemical analysis of a substance comprises a housing and electrodes for sensing selective gases and ions within the housing. A sampler is associated with the housing for introducing the substance to be analyzed into the housing and for allowing the selective gas and ion ...

Rosanna M Cooper: Combination diaper training pant for children and adults. Timothy J Martin, October 7, 1986: US04615695 (195 worldwide citation)

A universal combination diaper/training pant for children and adults is disclosed. The combination may be made in a one-piece configuration which would be disposable and may also be made in a two-piece configuration which would be washable. An outer water-resistant portion is formed in the shape of ...

George P Eichelberger: Video subsystem for a hybrid videotex facility. GTE Corporation, John A Odozynski, Peter Yiarhos, October 7, 1986: US04616263 (190 worldwide citation)

A video subsystem for a hybrid teletex facility includes a computer-based video control unit coupled to a general purpose interface bus, such as the IEEE 488, capable of parallel data transfer at the requisite rate. Appended from the bus are a plurality of microprocessor-based video cluster controll ...

A Graham Sparkes: Family group of successive radiation induced chrysanthemum mutants named snapper. Charles W Rummler, October 7, 1986: US04616099 (169 worldwide citation)

This invention comprises a family of distinctive chrysanthemum morifolium cultivars originating from a selected seedling of a genotype produced by cross-breeding and developed from the genotype by irradiation of selected clones of successive mutants induced by radiation.

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A noise suppressor is provided for an electronic endoscope which incorporates a diathermic cutter or an ultrasonic diagnosis system. The electronic endoscope utilizes a solid-state camera, and in order to prevent noises from being superimposed upon the signal fed to an image display, a transmission ...

Aram G Garabedian: Shelf divider assembly. Salter & Michaelson, October 7, 1986: US04615276 (131 worldwide citation)

A shelf divider assembly is disclosed and comprises a bracket which is securable on the forward edge portion of a shelf, an elongated shelf divider element, and a foot element which is attached to an end of the shelf divider element and is snap receivable in a rearwardly facing channel in the bracke ...

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A method of controlling a process having a plurality of independently controlled, manipulated variables and at least one controlled variable which is dependent on the manipulated variables. In the first step of the method data is gathered about the process by introducing test disturbances in the man ...

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Contrast media compositions for nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging of the gastrointestinal system are provided for oral or rectal administration. The compositions comprise aqueous suspensions of particles of an NMR contrast agent, the particles being very finely-divided and providing in their ...