John P Harrington: Remotely operable releasable pipe connector. Amoco Corporation, Scott H Brown, Fred E Hook, September 16, 1986: US04611662 (110 worldwide citation)

A remotely releasable pipe connector is described and comprises a first tubular connector or "pin connector" having at least one laterally extending locking member, and a slotted second tubular connector or "box connector" cooperatively disposable over the first tubular connector with the slots ther ...

David H Tracy, Donald L Smith: Electrode for plasma etching system. The Perkin Elmer Corporation, Thomas P Murphy, Edwin T Grimes, Francis L Masselle, September 16, 1986: US04612077 (107 worldwide citation)

An electrode includes a plurality of nested concentric rings forming plenum chambers. Process gas is fed into the plenum chambers through capillary tubes. The gas is then delivered through slits between the rings into a plasma etching reactor.

Henrik S Enstrom: Method primarily for performance control at heat pumps or refrigerating installations and arrangement for carrying out the method. Silverman Cass Singer & Winburn, September 16, 1986: US04611470 (103 worldwide citation)

A method of primarily testing and performance controlling heat pumps, refrigerating installations or corresponding systems, at which system thermal energy from at least one heat source (K) is supplied to an energy-carrying medium (1), a refrigerant, which circulates in the system and is advanced the ...

Alfred L Donlevy, Clifford M Bugle: Porous metal coating process and mold therefor. Dynamet, Webb Burden Robinson & Webb, September 16, 1986: US04612160 (101 worldwide citation)

A process and mold for applying a porous metal coating to a metal substrate or a portion thereof, especially for forming a medical prosthesis. The substrate to be coated is cleaned, then positioned in a rigid mold of ceramic or metal material having a defined mold cavity. The space between the mold ...

Eli Cohen: Shoe sole with deflective mid-sole. Mitchell B Wasson, Martin P Hoffman, Charles W Fallow, September 16, 1986: US04611412 (100 worldwide citation)

A shoe containing a plurality of pairs of ribs provided between the mid-sole and the outer sole. All of the ribs are provided with at least one bowed or convex surface running the length of the rib. When weight is placed upon the sole, each of the ribs initially begins to deflect until adjacent ribs ...

Eliyahou Harari: Highly scalable dynamic RAM cell with self-signal amplification. Kenneth E Leeds, Alan H MacPherson, Steven F Caserza, September 16, 1986: US04612629 (98 worldwide citation)

A dynamic RAM memory cell comprises an MOS read transistor whose conductivity state is determined by the state of charge on a first electrode overlying the read transistor channel region. The first electrode is connected through a buried contact opening to a diffused region in the substrate. This di ...

Richard L Pryor, William M Cowhig: Hierarchical, computerized design of integrated circuits. RCA Corporation, Joseph S Tripoli, Robert L Troike, Robert Ochis, September 16, 1986: US04612618 (98 worldwide citation)

High gate count integrated circuits (ICs) are designed in a heirarchical manner. In a first pass through a computer design system basic cells are composed to form one-level-up building block cells. In a second pass through the same computer design system the one-level-up building block cells are use ...

Werner Kraus: Implantable device for the stimulation of bone growth. Frishauf Holtz Goodman & Woodward, September 16, 1986: US04611597 (96 worldwide citation)

An implantable device for the stimulation of bone growth, the device having an elongated pickup coil arrangement that is provided with connectors for tissue electrodes. An extended and strip-like tissue electrode extends from the pickup coil arrangement and the connectors have a hole for a bone scre ...

Michael J Gans, Martin V Schneider, Ralph F Trambarulo: QPSK modulator or demodulator using subharmonic pump carrier signals. AT&T Bell Laboratories, Erwin W Pfeifle, September 16, 1986: US04612518 (95 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a QPSK modulator or demodulator for modulating two different input bit streams with a subharmonic pump carrier signal to produce an appropriately encoded QPSK output signal. The subharmonic pump carrier signal used is a submultiple of a predetermined microwave or mil ...

Fumio Ishikawa, Kuninobu Tanaka: High speed buffer circuit particularly suited for use in sample and hold circuits. Sony Corporation, Lewis H Eslinger, Alvin Sinderbrand, September 16, 1986: US04612464 (94 worldwide citation)

A buffer circuit includes a main buffer circuit section formed of a pair of complementary input side transistors the bases of which are connected together to an input, a dummy circuit section having the same circuit construction as the main buffer circuit section, and a feedback signal section compa ...