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An improved apparatus is provided to reduce the extent of displacement between adjacent vertebrae in a person's spinal column and to subsequently maintain the vertebrae in a reduced displacement relationship. When the apparatus is to be installed, holes are formed in the displaced vertebra and in ve ...

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Several versions of instruments are disclosed which are useful for the containment of calculi to minimize injury to surrounding tissue during removal and/or destruction of such calculi. In each embodiment a suitable grasping device is utilized to locate and grasp a stone (calculus) in a body passage ...

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A vertebral clamp adapted to control the spatial relationship between two vertebrae by attachment to the laminae thereof. The vertebral clamp includes a longitudinally extending body divided into first and second halves. The halves are fastened together by fastening means that allow for adjustment o ...

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An osmotic system is disclosed comprising a wall formed in at least a part of a semipermeable material that surrounds a compartment. The compartment contains a first osmotic composition comprising a beneficial agent, and a second and different osmotic composition. A passageway in the wall connects t ...

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A new prosthetic heart valve has a standard mounting ring with a centrally located occluder and a single piece biological circular flat membrane with a central aperture adapted to be selectively closed by the occluder.

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A process of fabricating a three-dimensional semiconductor device, comprising the steps of preparing at least two multilayer structures each including at least one semiconductor element and a conductor connected at one end to the semiconductor element and having at the other end an exposed surface, ...

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A fiber optic connector assembly comprises a housing member having a passageway extending therethrough. A receptacle connector member is latchably mounted in the passageway and has therein fiber optic connectors terminated to ends of fiber optic transmission members and fiber optic cables. The fiber ...