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An improved ultrasound transceiver providing enhanced imaging by selective filtering of the received signal to provide a variable frequency, constant bandwidth filtering of the received echo signals. The transceiver provides a constant bandwidth filtering by upconverting the received signals to a hi ...

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The heart pacemaker is controlled by means of a parameter recorded within the body independently of electrical cardiac potentials. The reference quantity for the control of the stimulation rate is formed by left-ventricular systolic time intervals.

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An oximeter includes a probe 100 having LEDS 101, 102, for transmitting light of at least two different wavelengths and a photo-sensing diode 103 for transducing the light from the LEDS 101, 102 into signals. Means is provided for producing a plurality of signals comprising DC and AC component signa ...

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In a method of manufacturing a reinforced profile member (100) a hollow profile member part (100a) of plastics material or of a plastics-fibre mixture and having at least one hollow chamber (300) extending therethrough is first produced, and after hardening of this profile member part a strengthenin ...

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Light generated by one or more chemical reactions in a discrete array is determined, both as to emissions per reaction and as to relative location of the reactions, e.g. using a system comprising: a sample carrier having spaced-apart discrete areas each containing a reactant capable of emitting ligh ...

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1. Absorbable composite surgical material comprising a reinforcement essentially constituted of resorbable synthetic threads, and a sheet of reconstituted collagen, the said sheet being laminated with at least one face of the said reinforcement for the purpose of filling in a leakproof manner the in ...


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A mild skin-cleansing mousse-forming emulsion providing benefits in leaving the skin after washing feeling not taut and dry, but moisturized, soft and smooth. The product also provides abundant rich creamy foam. The cleansing mousse emulsion comprises: A. 88% to 97% of a concentrate containing by we ...


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A videotex system in which a data base center and a user terminal apparatus are connected through a network line so that a data request from the user terminal apparatus is transmitted through the network to the data base center, while data in answer to the request is returned to the user terminal ap ...