Cup for total prosthesis of the hip or of the shoulder. Rambert Andre, September 5, 1986: FR2578162-A1 (41 worldwide citation)

This cup for total prosthesis of the hip or of the shoulder is of the type provided with radial fasteners 3 extending outwards from its peripheral rim and whose end 3a includes through-holes 4 for the passage of a screw 5 intended to be engaged in the corresponding bone. Each of these fasteners 3 is ...

New ointments with anti-cellulitis activity. Chicouri Marcel, September 5, 1986: FR2578165-A1 (15 worldwide citation)

The present addition relates to the field of therapeutic chemistry. It relates more particularly to ointments with anti-cellulitis activity, characterised in that they contain one or more bioflavonoids combined with the mother tincture of Hedera helix and with the mother tincture of Fucus vesiculoru ...

Duprat Michel: Hydraulic vice with rapid approach. Mecan Outil Sefimo, September 5, 1986: FR2578180-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

The movable jaw 3 having been brought close to the fixex jaw 2 by rotation of the manoeuvring screw 4 until it abuts on the workpiece to be clamped, the control handle is released from the screw 4 by virtue of the ratchets 13 and controls the hydraulic jack 5, 6 whose piston 6 is connected to the sc ...

Ashinuma Takaaki, Shibata Takehiko: Apparatus for recording/reproducing information. Canon, September 5, 1986: FR2578346-A1 (10 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an apparatus for recording/reproducing information on a disk-shaped recording medium. The apparatus includes a sensor 2 intended to record or reproduce information on a disk-shaped rotating medium 1, by means of a laser beam modulated by a circuit 3. The signals read are amp ...

Device for extracting clods from plant-growing volumes for transplantation. Ferrand Claude, September 5, 1986: FR2578142-A1 (8 worldwide citation)

The subject of the invention relates to a device for extracting clods from plant-growing volumes for transplantation. It consists of the combination of an envelope of synthetic film 5 surrounding the clod 4 and placed in the growing volume 6, of a clod-lifting device 14 and mainly of a fork 1 formed ...

Desbordes Frederic, Gros Patrick: Tent-type shelter comprising a metal frame supporting a sheet forming the roof and the walls of the tent. Passion, September 5, 1986: FR2578281-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a tent-type shelter comprising a metal frame supporting a sheet forming the roof and the walls of the tent. This shelter is characterised in that the frame 1 consists of a regular pyramid, the edges 2, 4 of which are formed by beams assembled together at their ends, ...

Takahashi Atsushi: Dispositif de blocage dune tige pour empecher tous mouvements dextension et de contraction de celle-ci. Nifco, September 5, 1986: FR2578299-A1 (6 worldwide citation)


Schneider Arthur: Car gear change transmission synchroniser. Volkswagen, September 5, 1986: FR2578206-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

The synchroniser consists of a device (30) for influencing the torque output of the engine, a gearbox control (6) and a unit to determine the synchronisation point of the gear change mechanism. During gear change, the speed of the engine (1) is changed to correspond with the speed of the newly selec ...

Amouroux Jacques, Goldman Max, Thomas Sabine, Arefi Farzaneh: Process and device for treating a flat substrate by using corona discharge. Electricite de France, September 5, 1986: FR2578176-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

In order to treat a flat substrate by using the corona effect, especially with a view to depositing a thin polymer film on the substrate, a corona discharge is created between a flat or cylindrical counter-electrode 14 carrying the substrate 10 and a cutter-blade electrode. The reactive agent is bro ...

Eliche Jean, Roux Jean: Concrete construction element, particularly floor element, and method for its production. Rech Etudes Tech, September 5, 1986: FR2578276-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

The element comprises a reinforced concrete slab 10 which is limited by an external face 12 and by an opposing soffit 14, as well as at least one rib 16, 18, made of prestressed concrete, which is part of the soffit of the slab, the slab being cast after the rib has been produced. The external face ...