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A surgical stapling instrument suitable for performing a gastrointestinal anastomosis is provided. The stapling instrument incorporates a staple height adjusting mechanism which enables the gap between its jaw members to be adjusted to select different staple heights to be produced when the staples ...

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A continuous, multi-phase process for debossing and perforating a substantially continuous web of substantially planar polymeric film to coincide with the image of one or more forming structures, each having a patterned forming surface with a multiplicity of holes and an opposed surface. Each formin ...

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A system utilizing computed tomography (CT) as for surgery. A CT scanner provides data representative of or slices taken through a body member. Display apparatus reveals the slices. A reference apparatus (frame) affixed to the body, operates in conjunction with the scanner and the display apparatus. ...

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An electrically programmable, eraseable and reprogrammable, monolithic integrated circuit logic array device is disclosed. The device includes a plurality of three types of logic array macrocells, each including an AND array matrix of EPROM transistors configured to form a plurality of "product term ...

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An electrode cuff (B) including a dielectric sleeve (10) and an annular cathode electrode (20) is disposed around a nerve trunk (A). An anode electrode (22) is disposed in body fluids in electrical communication with the nerve trunk. The cathode electrode is disposed off center within the dielectric ...

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A process for exposing live cells to a soluble bone protein and transferring the cells into appropriate skeletal sites to initiate or enhance local chondrogenesis or osteogenesis. Isogenic fibroblasts are exposed in vitro to a soluble bone protein capable of stimulating in vitro and/or in vivo a cho ...

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Medium-load power generating plant with an integrated coal gasification plant, with a gas-turbine power generating plant part connected to the coal gasification plant, with a steam generating plant part connected to the raw-gas heat exchanger installation of the coal gasification plant, and with a m ...

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An endoscope retainer and tissue retracting device including a soft plastic cylindrical tube for slidably mounting on the probe portion of an endoscope, one end of the tube having a friction fit adjacent the end of the endoscope, a plurality of slits forming flexible strips around the tube adjacent ...

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A composition wherein a physiologically active polypeptide or a glycoprotein of human origin, for instance, urokinase, kallikrein or leukocyte interferon, is coupled to a polyoxyethylene-polyoxypropylene copolymer. The composition is effective in the human body for a prolonged period of time.

Richard M Magda: Well hot oil system. Beaman & Beaman, September 2, 1986: US04609041 (151 worldwide citation)

The invention pertains to the removal of paraffin deposits from oil producing wells wherein hot fluids are used to melt the deposits. A conduit system consisting of tubing concentric to the well tube carries hot oil to the well tube at a location below the paraffin forming depth. Ports within the we ...