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Acetic acid is hydrogenated in vapour phase to produce ethanol in free form or in the combined form of ethyl acetate. The catalytic process now found takes place in relatively moderate temperature and pressure conditions, with a view to producing ethanol and/or ethyl acetate, and is characterised in ...

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Die vorliegende Erfindung betrifft neue heterocyclische Verbindungen der Formel (I) worin N 0 oder 1, R, R, R und R unabhängig voneinander ein Wasserstoffatom oder eine Alkylgruppe bedeuten, R und R unabhängig voneinander ein Wasserstoffatom, eine Hydroxygruppe oder eine Alkylgruppe bezeichnen, wenn ...

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In an optical disc according to the present invention, first (5) and second (8) discs comprise a hub half (14) inserted into the center portion of a disc substrate respectively, the hub half (14) is arranged at the center of the disc substrate, and a recording layer (9) is formed on the disc substra ...


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Procédé pour la solidarisation d'un élément (2,3) à l'extrêmité (1') d'un tube (1) en matériau composite. - L'invention est remarquable en ce que, au moins à ladite extrêmité (1'), ledit tube (1) présente une section annulaire dont les contours extérieur et intérieur sont chacun constitués d'une lig ...


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The invention relates to papilloma viruses, particularly DNA-HPVs obtained from these papilloma viruses of respectively distinct types which can be correlated with disorders or potential disorders which are also distinct, or else probes containing these DNA-HPVs or fragments obtained therefrom. It a ...


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Method and compositions are provided for preparing and using pesticides, where the pesticides are encapsulated in non-proliferating cells. In one aspect of the invention, whole, i.e., unlysed, cells of a toxin (pesticide)-producing organism are treated with reagents that prolong the activity of the ...

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Sonde endovasculaire orientable pour l'exploration des artères. Entre la tête 1 et le corps 3, la sonde présente une zone d'articulation 2, dans laquelle sont prévus des soufflets 5, 7 susceptibles d'être gonflés par un fluide pour provoquer l'orientation de la tête 1 dans une direction radiale oppo ...