Frese Nielsen: Device for treatment of wounds in body tissue of patients by exposure to jets of gas. August 26, 1986: US04608041 (594 worldwide citation)

Device for treatment of wounds in body tissue of patients by means of jets of gas. A nozzle unit is designed to be placed over the area of the wound in order to cover it and is provided with inlets (6,10) for admission of oxygen gas to the area of the wound and outlets (9) for discharge of oxygen ga ...

Keiichi Hori: Ink-belt bubble propulsion printer. Elm, Cislo O Reilly & Thomas, August 26, 1986: US04608577 (505 worldwide citation)

A printing machine is provided, comprising a thin film having first and second surfaces connected by a plurality of hole or recess portions and movably positioned; an ink tank for supplying ink to the hole or recess portions; a thermal head member having a plurality of thermal head elements in conta ...

Lawrence Crainich: Surgical staples. Design Standards Corporation, Bachman & LaPointe, August 26, 1986: US04607638 (472 worldwide citation)

Surgical staples having improved configurations providing significant advantages such as parallel stacking, square bending, easier skin penetration due to sharp point, and others.

Charles D Fritch, John B McAdams: Fiber optic ocular endoscope. Charles D Fritch, Singer & Singer, August 26, 1986: US04607622 (301 worldwide citation)

An ocular endoscope having a minimum cross-section and designed primarily for use in treating, diagnosing and investigating problems associated with the eye. The probe associated with the endoscope comprises a first bundle of fiber optics carrying light for illumination, a second coaxial bundle of f ...

Jean P Angelchik: Method for treatment of morbid obesity. William H Drummond, August 26, 1986: US04607618 (269 worldwide citation)

Morbid obesity is treated by implacement in the fundus of a hollow shaped appliance. The appliance is formed of semi-rigid skeleton members and is collapsible to a dimension and shape which can be inserted into the stomach through the esophagus and cardiac opening. Upon release of the collapsed devi ...

Bernard Jacquet, Quintino Gaetani: Method for producing a non greasy protective and emollient film on the skin. Societe Anonyme dite L Oreal, Cushman Darby & Cushman, August 26, 1986: US04608392 (228 worldwide citation)

A composition for topical application to the skin contains, as a fatty product to provide a nongreasy protective and emollient film thereon, a polyether oligomer having the formula ##STR1## wherein R is alkyl having 1-12 carbon atoms; R.sub.1, R.sub.2, R.sub.3 and R.sub.4 represent hydrogen or alkyl ...

William B Mattingly: Sanitary napkin attachment means. Personal Products Company, Jason Lipow, August 26, 1986: US04608047 (211 worldwide citation)

This invention provides a sanitary napkin of the type emplacement in the inner crotch portion of an undergarment. The napkin comprises a central absorbent element having flaps extending from each of its longitudinal edges. The flaps extend to a sufficient length to allow the flaps to overlie the out ...

Sonnie J Perkins: Golf club heads with adjustable weighting. William W Haefliger, August 26, 1986: US04607846 (185 worldwide citation)

An improved weighting system is provided in combination with a golf club head having a front face adapted to strike a golf ball, a bottom surface, a top surface, an aft surface, a toe, a heel and a hosel, the system comprising

Emil A Tanagho, Richard A Schmidt, Curtis A Gleason, Tom F Lue: Method and system for controlling bladder evacuation. Regents of the University of California, Phillips Moore Lempio & Finley, August 26, 1986: US04607639 (179 worldwide citation)

A method for controlling the function of a bladder, includes identification of the anatomical location of at least one nerve controlling the muscles for the bladder and/or its sphincter and positioning of an electrode on the nerve to selectively stimulate the nerve for continence and evacuation purp ...

John E Keem, Stanford R Ovshinsky, Hossein Sadate Akhavi, Juei Teng Chen, Alan M Kadin: Superconducting films and devices exhibiting AC to DC conversion. Energy Conversion Devices, John T Winburn, August 26, 1986: US04608296 (156 worldwide citation)

Superconducting films and devices are provided which exhibit an AC to DC conversion effect of an RF AC input signal. The films can be microscopically inhomogeneous with granular or columnar microstructures in layered or nonlayered structures, which provide the conversion effect with and without an a ...