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An instrument and method for performing a surgical fastening procedure at a location remote from the location at which the instrument is manipulated. The instrument is at least partly self-powered by self-powering apparatus (e.g., a prestressed spring) adjacent the location at which the fastening pr ...

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A bulked web composite comprises a differentially tensioned reticulated web of elastic material bonded to at least one gatherable web whereby, upon release of the tensioning forces, the gatherable web or webs are gathered by the reticulated web with different degrees of bulking in different areas du ...

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An implantable electromagnetic middle-ear bone conduction hearing aid device is disclosed which provides variability to meet a variety of pathological entities of the hearing impaired user. The device utilizes a sound processing component for converting sound into an analog electromagnetic signal an ...

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A balloon catheter of the linear eversion type is provided with a sealed through lumen which will pass guide wires and other objects without disturbing the sealed nature of the balloon system.

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A pharmaceutical oral controlled release multiple-units formulation in which individual units comprise cross-sectionally substantially homogeneous cores containing particles of a sparingly soluble active substance, the cores being coated with a coating which is substantially resistant to gastric con ...

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The adhesive layer of the novel transfer tape contains electrically and thermally conductive particles such as silver which are preferably spherical and are larger than the thickness of the adhesive between particles. When used to bond two rigid substrates together, pressure is applied to the substr ...

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This invention is related to a "non-neon light" which may be directly, manually and freely bent and folded for linear and arched installation for any suitably prepared advertising decoration or similar lamp ornament in a plane figure or dimensional formative article in optional line with the fondnes ...

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A programmable thermostat employing means for sensing the ambient temperature on the thermostat, a clock for generating digital electrical signals representative of real time, a programmable digital memory for retaining a schedule of times and temperature ranges for a particular repetitive time cycl ...

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A pocket-sized, self-contained electrocardiogram monitor with a dot-matrix, liquid-crystal display. The monitor uses dry electrodes and is suitable for direct placement against the patient's chest without the use of paste or gel to insure electrical contact. An A/D converter converts an ECG signal t ...

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This invention relates to an electro mechanical-electronic device designed to prevent nosocomical contagions spread by the hands of health care personnel and others due to improper and incomplete hand washing. The device establishes a time reference for the personnel to insure the proper time standa ...