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A surgical stapling instrument suitable for performing a gastrointestinal anastomosis is provided. The stapling instrument incorporates an improved staple actuator mechanism operable by separate control buttons to accomplish its stapling and cutting actions in two stages. The two stage operation of ...

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Device for introducing drugs and the like into the human body by infusion through the skin, consisting of a fluid delivery tube leading to a storage and distribution chamber means that is attached to a porous sheet which is in contact with the skin.

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In order to enable the editing of television programs in the home to exclude undesired sound or visual events (such as swearing or scenes of violence), these events are identified by coding inserted in the television signal prior to mass distribution. Preferably this coding is used to identify a ran ...

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A surgical implant is used for imparting stability to the thoraco-lumbar spine by fixation of the implant to the spine with segmental spinal instrumentation. The implant comprises a unitary rod having a generally rectangular configuration formed by a pair of spaced apart branches, mirror image dupli ...

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A surgical instrument for applying fasteners to tissue to be joined. The instrument includes a stationary jaw and a movable jaw mounted on a support body. The instrument has force supporting means cooperating with the movable jaw to reinforce the jaw as the fasteners are being placed in the tissue.

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A method of manufacturing a composite article including a hollow body having a decorative metal plate attached thereto. The method includes the forming of a decorative metal plate and the attachment of the plate to a hollow body. The method can be best described by its application to the manufacture ...

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A heart valve replacement 12 is characterized by a two-part frame with ring-shaped parts 14, 15 and having cloth coverings 16, 17. At least one leaflet 18 is provided having a margin 18X passing between the two parts 14, 15 of the frame and secured by stitching 19 to the cloth covering 16 of one of ...

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A remote recording and editing system for use with a transmitter of broadcast programs, including both television and radio programs, provides for the monitoring of the broadcast transmissions of the transmitter and the generation of recording and editing command signals. The command signals are bro ...

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Synthesis gas is converted to diesel fuel and a high octane gasoline in two stages. In the first stage the synthesis gas is converted to straight chain paraffins mainly boiling in the diesel fuel boiling range utilizing a catalyst consisting essentially of cobalt, preferably promoted with a Group II ...

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Novel copolymers of .epsilon.-caprolactone and glycolide useful in making surgical articles and particularly surgical sutures having Young's modulus of less than 250,000 psi. New and improved polymerization methods for producing the novel .epsilon.-caprolactone and glycolide copolymers.