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A self-curling sheet (A) of non-conductive material is biased to curl into a tight spiral. A cut out (22) is removed from one corner of the sheet such that, when the sheet spirals, a passage (28) defined axially therethrough has one portion with a smaller diameter and another portion with a larger d ...

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An adjustable ringprosthesis designed particularly for being sewed onto the ring of the mitral valve or tricuspidal valve of a living heart uses a spring ribbon coiled with an overlap of about a half turn covered in a woven, braided or knitted cuff of a suitable synthetic fiber that can be sewed int ...

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A method for independently centrally electronically accumulating market survey data from different content rapidly disseminated multiple inquiry market surveys from a plurality of panelist stations (14, 16, 18, 20) located at diverse locations. Variable market survey questionnaires to diverse locate ...

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A remote surgical knot tier and method for its use is provided which can hold, push and place loops forming a knot in suture material from a manipulation area into a remote site in the body of a human being or an animal through a puncture wound or other small opening.

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Antimicrobial compositions finding particular utility for coating access systems, lead devices including shunts, cannulae, catheters, catheter adapters, wires and other solid or hollow tubular devices used for a variety of medical purposes is provided. The composition comprises a material selected f ...

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A hand held probe unit has an infrared sensitive thermopile mounted in a metal housing kept at a constant reference temperature by a regulator circuit. A waveguide tube, surrounded by a thermally insulative probe, directs infrared emissions to the thermopile. The thermopile and regulator circuit of ...

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The present invention discloses a new class of highly fluorescent indicator dyes that are specific for calcium ions. The new fluorescent indicator dyes combine a stilbene-type fluorophore with a tetracarboxylate parent Ca.sup.2+ chelating compound having the octacoordinate pattern of liganding group ...

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What are disclosed are methods for modifying the genome of vaccinia virus to produce vaccinia mutants, particularly by the introduction into the vaccinia genome of exogenous DNA; modified vaccinia prepared by such methods; certain DNA sequences and unmodified and genetically modified microorganisms ...

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A method of joining tissue with a staple and a receiver. The staple is placed on one side of the tissue to be joined and the receiver on the opposite side of the tissue. The legs of the staple are grasped and/or guided as they penetrate the tissue and are retained by the receiver.

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The sole plate of a hollow metal golf club head includes a pair of V-shaped reinforcing ribs having their spaced apart ends engaging the rear surface of the striking face. The inner ends of the V-shaped ribs engage the front side of a protrusion on the sole plate, and the rear side of the protrusion ...