Michael J Freeman: Method for providing targeted profile interactive CATV displays. ACTV, Stiefel Gross Kurland & Pavane, July 22, 1986: US04602279 (650 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to an interactive communication system, such as an interactive cable television system (10), for providing an interactive information output over a common output channel from a plurality of remotely transmitted different information inputs (22, 24, 26, 28, 30) and, more ...

Frederic H Moll: Trocar assembly. Endotherapeutics Corporation, Ciotti & Murashige, July 22, 1986: US04601710 (494 worldwide citation)

A trocar assembly (70) formed from a trocar tube subassembly (74) and a separable, interfitting trocar subassembly (72). The trocar tube assembly includes a head (112) having a bore (120) into which a trocar tube (116) is fitted and a manually operated slide valve assembly (118) mounted transversely ...

Clark R Fuqua: Variable diameter catheter. Genus Catheter Technologies, Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher, July 22, 1986: US04601713 (346 worldwide citation)

This invention provides a variable diameter catheter which is folded in a longitudinal manner in order to reduce the diameter for convenient and less traumatic insertion into a body orifice.

Marc H Effron, Henry J Tancredi: Surgical instrument for cutting body tissue from a body area having a restricted space. Cabot Medical Corporation, Austin R Miller, July 22, 1986: US04601290 (277 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument and method for cutting and removing body tissue from a body area having a restricted space is provided. The cutter comprises an external cutting tube sized for insertion into the restricted space. The external tube has an opening therein with cutting edges thereon. An internal ...

Seymour P Kern: Variable power lens system. Leonard Tachner, July 22, 1986: US04601545 (233 worldwide citation)

There has been provided a variable lens. In one form the lens power may be varied and in another the power may be selectively fixed in a carrier material. There are no moving mechanical parts but instead an optically active molecular material such as liquid crystals. In one embodiment, the lens and ...

Aharon Yerushalmi: Hyperthermia apparatus. Yeda Research and Development, Browdy and Neimark, July 22, 1986: US04601296 (223 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for hyperthermic treatment of tumors comprising a probe insertable into a body cavity in the vicinity of a tumor to be treated, the probe including a radiation emitting antenna and a conduit system for the passage of a cooling fluid adjacent the outer surface thereof for cooling of tissue ...

Jean Yves Roy: Device for stimulating the human respiratory system. Robic Robic and Associates, July 22, 1986: US04601465 (221 worldwide citation)

A device for stimulating the human respiratory system by making breathing more difficult and limiting lung ventilation. The device comprises a mouth-piece for insertion in the mouth of a person, or a mask attachable to the face of this person. The mouth-piece or mask has a central opening through wh ...

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Disclosed herein are an improved method and apparatus for continuously embossing a repeating pattern of precise detail, in particular, cube-corner type reflector elements, on one surface of a single sheet or on one surface of a laminate of transparent thermoplastic materials, to form retroreflective ...

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An advanced electronic telecommunications system is provided for the deposit, storage and delivery of audio messages to both users and non-users with limited access provided to the non-user under the control of the user. A Voice Message System (10) interconnects multiple private exchanges (12) of a ...

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Vacuum cleaner for use in industry and household comprising a housing and an electric motor driving the blower generating the working vacuum, and optional maneuvering means for moving a suction nozzle over the material to be cleaned. There is provided in the area of the channel passed by the dust an ...