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A spinal stabilization device positionable between separated but neighboring vertebral bodies to stabilize a spinal column which has been rendered unstable by disease. The device includes a vertebral body prosthesis containing at least one pair of oppositely disposed anchoring pins which are advance ...

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A programmable cell for use in programmable electronic arrays such as PROM devices, logic arrays, gate arrays and die interconnect arrays. The cells have a highly non-conductive state settable and substantially non-resettable into a highly conductive state. The cells have a resistance of 10,000 ohms ...

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A thermal oil recovery process in which steam is injected into a heavy oil-bearing formation through a horizontally-drilled injection well and oil is produced through a horizontal production well parallel to the injection well.

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Disclosed are apparatus and methods for simulating a control system such as an aircraft flight control system. Image generating and display apparatus for use in conjunction with the simulated control system are disclosed. Also disclosed are apparatus and a method for simulating a movable control suc ...

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Ocular hypertension and glaucoma can be effectively controlled in primates through topical application of an effective amount of an eicosanoid or an eicosanoid derivative to the surface of an afflicted eye. Eicosanoids, particularly the prostaglandins PGE.sub.2 and PGF.sub.2.alpha., and derivatives ...

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A bone implant member for bone, joint, as well as dental prostheses, bone connecting elements such as bone screws and splints, which consists of a mechanically stable carrier material compatible (biocompatible) with bone tissue and of bioactive calcium phosphate ceramic, in particular tri- and tetra ...

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A method for operating a production well during an oxygen driven in-situ combustion oil recovery process comprising continuously injecting an inert gas such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide into the bottom of the production well at a predetermined low injection rate, preferably 0.1 to 2 MSCF/day, and c ...

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An interactive, computer-based system for combining on a common display, as overlaid images, video signals from a source of video images (such as a video disc) with graphics and text from a computer, particularly for use in computer-aided instruction, computer-based information retrieval and visual ...

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An endoscopic instrument for removing an inflated insert from the stomach cavity of a person being treated for obesity comprises an elongated flexible tube having passageways therein. A holding device at the distal end of the flexible tube is constructed and arranged to grasp and stabilize the infla ...

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A vending unit includes a plurality of cubicles each holding a TV film, dispensed in response to the manipulation by an identified patron. The patron has an identification code number, which upon being entered as information into the vending unit, energizes a computer unit and conditions the apparat ...