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A control system for use with recording apparatus enables the recording of programs simultaneously desired by a user and authorized by a program provider, typically a broadcaster. The broadcaster attaches a code signal to each program segment which the user's control system recognizes. The control s ...

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In a method of recovering petroleum from underground formations penetrated by a production well, superheated steam and then hot hydrogen are injected by way of the well into a preheated formation zone next to the well. The hydrogen is injected under sufficient pressure to cause hydrogenation of the ...

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A proximity monitoring system for individually identifying an object or person, and having a central information processor, and a signal receiver, several remote detectors in various locations at a distance from the information processor, each having a first transmitter for communicating with such p ...

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In an ink-jet recording process which comprises forming droplets of an ink and recording on an image receiving material by using the droplets, said ink is prepared by dispersing fine particles of pigment into aqueous dispersion medium containing polymer having both a hydrophilic and a hydrophobic co ...

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A method for positioning a large diameter shaft from the surface into the earth and at least partially through a subterranean oil-bearing formation, said method comprising

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An implanter for implanting treatment pellets beneath the skin of animals comprises a hollow needle (52) through which a drive pin (26) is displaceable to drive a pellet (64) through the needle and in use to a controlled depth below the skin. A forked abutment (54) straddles the needle, being spring ...

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A method of making a parallel programmed electronic matrix array including the steps of forming at least one layer of a phase changeable material on a conductive substrate, wherein the phase changeable material has a substantially nonconductive state and a comparatively high conductive state. The la ...

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Disclosed are a method and apparatus for vibratory seismic prospecting in which a vibratory signal sweep is produced by a vibrating apparatus in accordance with a power spectrum function S(f), which is proportional to a noise component function n(f) and a subsurface signal amplitude attenuation func ...

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Detergent compositions which comprise from about 0.05 to about 95% by weight of a water-soluble ethoxylated amine having clay soil removal/anti-redeposition properties. These compounds are selected from ethoxylated monoamines, ethoxylated diamines, ethoxylated polyamines, ethoxylated amine polymers ...