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Novel aminomethyl oxooxazolidinyl benzene derivatives, including ( l )-N[3-[4-(1-hydroxyethyl)-phenyl]-2-oxo-5-oxazolidinylmethyl]acetamide, possess useful antibacterial activity.

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Bisacylphosphinoxide der allgemeinen Formel worin bedeuten: R z.B. einen gradkettigen oder verzweigten C1-18Alkyl-rest, einen Cyclohexyl-, Cyclopentyl-, Phenyl-, Naphthyl oder Biphenylylrest, einen Cyclopentyl-, Cyclohexyl-, Phenyl-, Naphthyl oder Biphenylylrest, der substituiert ist durch F, Cl, Br ...

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An interactive television distribution system comprising a head end, a plurality of subscribers connected to the head end by distribution cables, at least some of the subscribers being provided with teletext receivers, and means for transmitting data to each subscriber's teletext receiver independen ...



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A1 alpha -hydroxy vitamin D3 derivative of the formula: where R1 is a hydroxyl group, an amino group or the group: OR min (where R min is a lower alkyl group having 1 to 7 carbon atoms that may or may not be substituted by a hydroxyl group, a halogen atom, a cyano group, a lower alkoxy group having ...

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A hydrophilic, skin-compatible, pressure sensitive, adhesive gel/hydrogel composition comprising: 25 to 50 weight pecent polvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP) having a weight average molecular weight of at least about 100000, and preferably in the range of about 100,000 to 600,000; 2 to 5 weight percent polyvi ...

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A process for preparing 9-substituted guanine-containing acyclonucleosides comprising selective alkylation at the 9-position of the purine by utilizing a blocking group at the 6-position.