Kees Schouhamer Immink
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For an error correction method for the transfer of word-wise arranged data, two word correction codes are used successively, each code acting on a group of words while, therebetween, an interleaving step is performed. The actual transfer takes place by means of channel words for which purpose there ...

Anthony C Fascenda, David B Lockton: Game of skill playable by remote participants in conjunction with a live event. David B Lockton, Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, June 3, 1986: US04592546 (472 worldwide citation)

A game of skill is playable by several remote participants in conjunction with a live event, for example, a football game which is being observed by the participants on their television receivers. In the participant's remote location, a game console receives various game instructions and scoring inf ...

Lubomyr I Kuzmak, Frederick L Coe: Gastric banding device. Mentor Corporation, Kinney & Lange, June 3, 1986: US04592339 (421 worldwide citation)

A gastric band device for forming a stoma opening in a stomach for treatment of morbid obesity includes a flexible substantially nonextensible band portion having an expandable section that is expandable and deflatable through an injection site. After the nonextensible band portion has been position ...

Paul W Boyles: Artificial catheter means. Mills and Coats, June 3, 1986: US04592340 (405 worldwide citation)

An arterial catheter of the multi-lumen type having an inflatable balloon portion to wedge the catheter in place against the arterial wall. Multi-infusions are allowed through the segmented multi-lumens. This catheter is so designed to allow blood to flow in the arterial system with the catheter in ...

Larry N Volk: System for vending program cartridges which have circuitry for inhibiting program usage after preset time interval expires. Barry E Sammons, June 3, 1986: US04593376 (305 worldwide citation)

A vending machine stores a plurality of video game programs which may be selected for purchase. The game program is transferred to a programmable cartridge which the user inserts into the machine. The programmable cartridge is then removed for use on a separate video game unit. The programmable cart ...

Robert G Rothfuss: Tissue retention spool for intraluminal anastomotic surgical stapling instrument and methods. Senmed, Wood Herron & Evans, June 3, 1986: US04592354 (247 worldwide citation)

A tissue retention spool is disposed on the anvil actuating rod of an intraluminal anastomotic surgical stapling instrument. Tubular tissue is gathered and held on the spool by a suture tie, thus eliminating the previously required purse-stringing procedure. The spool and rod are constructed to init ...

Andrew Pickholtz: Software protection method and apparatus. Telecommunications Associates, David B Newman Jr, June 3, 1986: US04593353 (230 worldwide citation)

In a method of and apparatus for limiting program execution to only an authorized data processing system, a proprietary program, together with first and second authorization codes, is stored on a magnetic disc or other storage medium. The first and second authorization codes are read. A hardware mod ...

Kerry D Savage, Hans J Paap: Hydrocarbon stratum retorting means and method. Texaco, Robert A Kulason, James J O Loughlin, Ronald G Gillespie, June 3, 1986: US04592423 (229 worldwide citation)

The system and the method of the present invention for the in-situ retorting of a hydrocarbon stratum, having a borehole traversing it, with electrical energy at a radio frequency (hereinafter referred to as rf energy) includes apparatus for conducting the rf energy from an rf energy source down a b ...

Pedro Gutierrez: Localizing device. Elliot M Olstein, June 3, 1986: US04592356 (221 worldwide citation)

Localizing needle having anchor-like barbs to firmly anchor the needle in skin or tissue so as to aid in location of lesions.

Bernadine O Narcisse: Out-of-range personnel monitor and alarm. Paul L Hickman, June 3, 1986: US04593273 (215 worldwide citation)

An out-of-range monitor and alarm system that may be used by a convalescent home or the like to alert an attendant in the home that a supervised person has walked beyond a predetermined prescribed distance. The system includes a base unit that transmits a signal at a frequency F1 to a receiver in a ...