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A bipolar cutter/coagulator produces a coagulating waveform comprising an aperiodic sequence of damped RF bursts. The inter-burst spacing is pseudo-random, and the intra-burst RF frequency is swept between preset limits. The burst envelopes are uniform, always starting at the same preselected amplit ...

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The invention provides a surgical implant in the form of a stud for anchoring in a hole formed in bone. The stud has an elongated cylindrical body which is tubular and which has a head at one end and a passage along its interior. A pin is insertable into the passage from the end having the head to e ...

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A surgical instrument for stitching tissue having a stationary grip portion and a movable trigger portion which are interlocked until the jaws of the instrument are in proper position for stitching tissue.

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A surgically implantable electrode system has been conceived which includes two or more electrical elements embedded in a helically wound substrate made of insulative material. The contact elements are connected to electrical lead-in conductors which are encased in the substrate and extend from a co ...

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An improved medical retriever device sized and adapted for use through the working channel of an endoscope for removing stones and the like from the kidneys, ureter or biliary duct. The device is of the type having an elongated, narrow sheath, a basket of relatively large diameter extendible from th ...

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A knowledge system has a hierarchical knowledge base comprising a functional decomposition of a set of elements into subsets over a plurality of hierarchical levels, a plurality of predefined functions or conditions of the elements within the subsets of a plurality of the hierarchical levels, and a ...

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An improved orthodontic positioner provides a series of tiny suction devices on the tooth confronting walls of the positioner. These suction devices provide increased adherence of the positioner to the top, inner and outer tooth surfaces of the patient's teeth, and act to mechanically hold the teeth ...

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Query signals are transmitted by wireless means from the television station to the television set. Response units at receiver locations have a radio frequency transmitter send a response to the station inquiry sent on horizontal lines of the T.V. signal at controlled times identifying each station. ...

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Apparatus is disclosed for scanning a banknote (33). A lengthwise strip of the banknote (33) is illuminated with white light, and the banknote is moved parallel to its width. Light reflected from all regions of the lengthwise strip is conveyed through an optical fibre fishtail array to a single phot ...

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A multichannel interactive telephone answering apparatus (300) adapted for use with a captured telephone line (26) is responsive to the detection (318, 324, 326, 310, 328, 330) of designated arming signals transmitted by the calling party, such as from the keypad of a Touch-Tone phone, for enabling ...