Drent Eit: Process for the preparation of polyketones.. Shell Int Research, May 14, 1986: EP0181014-A1 (227 worldwide citation)

Process for the preparation of polyketones by polymerization of a mixture of CO and an alkenically unsaturated hydrocarbon in the presence of a Group-VIII-metal catalyst containing ligands, wherein hydrocarbon groups occur which are bound to an element from Group V a, characterized in that the catal ...


Seidel Dietrich Prof, Wieland Heinrich Dr, Rath Dieter, Rosskopf Gerhard Dr: Device for the selective extracorporeal precipitation of low-density lipoproteins for serum or plasma.. Intermedicat, May 14, 1986: EP0180720-A2 (99 worldwide citation)

1. An apparatus for the extracorporeal precipitation of blood components, said apparatus comprising a container to which blood or blood components of a patient are supplied through a first pump, and a filter downstream connected to said container, the filtrate outlet of said filter being connected t ...



Crawford Ronald Henry, Kennard Gordon Michael: Respiration monitor. Vickers, May 14, 1986: GB2166871-A (46 worldwide citation)

A respiration monitor of particular use in detecting infant apnea comprises, in one embodiment, a flexible, substantially laminar pad comprising a plurality of strip-like elements 6 of piezoelectric material having a metallic coating on opposite faces, the elements being spaced apart from one anothe ...

Debort Jean Pierre, Doignie Jean Claude, Fuentes Jean Luc, Pommier Jean Claude: Enzymatic preparation of a pulp for chemical use.. Du Pin Cellulose, May 14, 1986: EP0181249-A1 (45 worldwide citation)

1. A method of treating a bisulphitic paper pulp having a high mean degree of polymerization of approximately 1,100, characterized in that, in order to give it the characteristics of a pulp for chemical purposes, there is caused to act upon the paper pulp an enzymatic preparation on a basis of fungi ...


Magin Berthold Dipl Ing Fh: Method and device for the shrink-proof treatment of textile materials.. Mtm Obermaier & Co Kg, May 14, 1986: EP0180703-A1 (40 worldwide citation)

1. A continuous process for eliminating undersirable longitudinal distortion in textiles, for example woven, Raschel or knitted webs of material of tubular shape or of open, flat form, of natural fibres, in particular cotton, which optionally may contain a proportion of synthetic fibres, by stretchi ...


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