Kehr Pierre: Vertebral prosthesis, in particular for cervical vertebrae.. Kehr Pierre, April 30, 1986: EP0179695-A1 (242 worldwide citation)

1. A vertebral prosthesis comprising a plate portion (13) which is capable of being connected to two separate vertebrae, for example by scews, characterized in that, in its median zone, said plate portion (13) transversely carries in advance an artificial graft (16) made of a material suitable for p ...

Reiber Hans, Linsenmaier Guido: In-house distribution facility for a broadband communication system. Int Standard Electric, April 30, 1986: GB2166328-A (184 worldwide citation)

An in-house distribution facility has an interface unit (1) which provides a connection to the broadband communication network (2, 3). Between the interface unit (1) and the subscriber terminals (6, ..., 11), e.g., television sets, video recorders, stereophonic radio receivers, video and audio signa ...

Fisher John, Wheatley David John: A heart valve prosthesis.. Univ Glasgow, April 30, 1986: EP0179562-A1 (109 worldwide citation)

The invention is a heart valve prosthesis in which a plurality of heart valve leaflets (17) are mounted on a frame (11) from which a plurality of leaflet-mounting pins (15) extend. A surrounding sleeve (18) surrounds the frame (11) in order to clamp the leaflets (17) in position between frame (11) a ...

Dankowski Manfred Dr: Process for preparing stabilized substituted diperoxysuccinic acids.. Degussa, Henkel Kgaa, April 30, 1986: EP0179223-A1 (91 worldwide citation)

1. Process for the preparation of stabilised, substituted diperoxysuccinic acids by reacting an anhydride of the formula see diagramm : EP0179223,P3,F1 in which R denotes a linear or branched alkyl radical having 4 to 20 C atoms or aryl, with an oxidation mixture consisting of hydrogen peroxide, wat ...

Pope David G, Wilkinson Paul K: A system for enhancing the water dissolution rate and solubility of poorly soluble drugs.. Merck & Co, April 30, 1986: EP0179583-A1 (70 worldwide citation)

Novel anhydrous compositions comprise a poorly water-soluble drug and a surfactant having enhanced dissolution rate and solubility. The drug-surfactant ratio in the composition is such that dissolution and solubility of the drug are enhanced. The compositions disclosed herein are useful in the treat ...


Dennis Jr Paul Samuel, Kowalski Anthony M, Weiner Michael: Lms adaptive loop module. Hazeltine, April 30, 1986: GB2166326-A (52 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for cancelling undesired signals received with a desired signal. The received signals (1) are supplied to a first hybrid (2) which provides reference (3) and auxiliary (4) signals. The auxiliary (4) signal is provided to a second hybrid (16) which provides in-phase (17) and quadrature ( ...


Hamilton Harriet W, Patt William C, Trivedi Bharat K: N6-acenaphthyl adenosines and analogs thereof.. Warner Lambert Co, April 30, 1986: EP0179631-A2 (43 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a compound of the formula (I): wherein: @@@@ is optionally a double or single bond; n = 0-4; X, X min , Y, Y min are each independently H, OH, halogen, amino, nitro, lower alkyl, trifluoromethyl or lower alkoxy; R1 is H, alkyl, OH or lower alkoxy; R2 is H or halogen; R2 min , R3 m ...