Charles Sperry
Sperry Charles R, Bladyka Paul J: Chambre de melange amovible pour debiteur de fluides, Detachable mixing chamber for a fluid dispensing apparatus. Sealed Air Corporation, G RONALD BELL & ASSOCIATES, April 29, 1986: CA1203795

ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSUREA detachable mixing chamber is disclosed whichis constructed and arranged to receive a plurality offluid components from a source thereof for forming a fluid,such as a foam, to be discharged therefrom. The chamberincludes a core having a bore therein and a plurality ofinlet ...

Harold Hershenson: Expandable device for treating intravascular stenosis. Cordis Corporation, Henry W Collins, Thomas R Vigil, April 29, 1986: US04585000 (278 worldwide citation)

The intravascular expandable device is adapted to be inserted within and through the lumen of a blood vessel and to be manipulated therethrough to a stenotic area where it can be operated for re-establishing desired blood flow through the blood vessel. The device comprises an elongate tubular body h ...

Boyd B Moore, Peter Vanmeurs, Cor F Van Egmond: Well treating process for installing a cable bundle containing strands of changing diameter. Shell Oil Company, April 29, 1986: US04585066 (257 worldwide citation)

A bundle of spoolable power supplying and heating cables and at least one weight-supporting strand for forming an assembly for electrically heating or heating and logging a long interval of subterranean earth formations is installed within a well by spooling superposed flat layers of those strands a ...

Stephen J Failla, Anthony S Miksza Jr: Surgical instrument for applying two-piece fasteners comprising frictionally held U-shaped staples and receivers (Case III). Ethicon, Robert L Minier, April 29, 1986: US04585153 (239 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument for applying two-piece fasteners to tissue to be joined. The instrument includes a stationary jaw and a movable jaw mounted on a support body. The U-shaped staple portions of the fasteners are held in the movable jaw by friction means.

Gregory J Marier: V-belt type continuously variable transmission. Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha, Orrin M Haugen, Thomas J Nikolai, April 29, 1986: US04585429 (210 worldwide citation)

A V-belt continuously variable transmission in which a V-belt is made to run on a drive pulley having a speed responsive mechanism and a driven pulley having a torque responsive mechanism. The torque responsive mechanism of the driven pulley includes a spring cap slidably mounted on a sleeve to whic ...

Daniel Gross, Claus Dahne: Method of and apparatus for determining the position of a device relative to a reference. Battelle Memorial Institute, Karl F Ross, Herbert Dubno, April 29, 1986: US04585349 (208 worldwide citation)

A method of and an apparatus for determining the location or position of a surface element with respect to a reference which utilizes polychromatic light and with a holographic lens on the light focuses individual wavelengths thereof to respective focal points at one of which the surface element can ...

Harry E Aine, Barry Block: Miniature valve and method of making same. Harry E Aine, Barry Block, Harry E Aine, April 29, 1986: US04585209 (189 worldwide citation)

In a miniature valve, a valve seat is formed by aperturing a plate. A cantilever leaf spring is disposed overlying the apertured plate for controlling the flow of fluid therethrough. An electrostatic potential applied between the cantilever leaf spring and the valve plate pulls the leaf spring over ...

Larry L Miller, Ronald L Blankespoor, Baruch Zinger: Electrochemical controlled release drug delivery system. Regents of the University of Minnesota, Merchant Gould Smith Edell Welter & Schmidt, April 29, 1986: US04585652 (185 worldwide citation)

A method is disclosed for the controlled delivery of an ionic bioactive chemical into a physiological medium comprising ionically binding the chemical to redox sites on a charged polymer and releasing the bound chemical into the medium by neutralizing the charge on the polymer.

Thomas W McGrail: Multi-purpose tracheal tube. Mallinckrodt, Bernard Rothwell & Brown, April 29, 1986: US04584998 (182 worldwide citation)

A multi-purpose tracheal tube for use with high frequency ventilation. The tube is an endotracheal tube including up to three lumens, in addition to the primary lumen, which serve various functions to provide versatility in the treatment of patients. In cuffed tubes one of the lumens is used for inf ...

Lee R Reid, Tommy D Cody: Solid state multiprobe testing apparatus. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Carlton H Hoel, Robert O Groover, James T Comfort, April 29, 1986: US04585991 (176 worldwide citation)

A high density multiprobe including a multiprobe on a semiconductor substrate with contact pads selectively positioned in relation to the contacts of a device to be tested. Each of the selectively positioned contacts on the multiprobe semiconductor substrate include an elevated conductive surface th ...