Peter Vogel, Walter Rittersdorf: Cuvette for the photo determination of chemical components in fluids. Boehringer Mannheim, Felfe & Lynch, April 15, 1986: US04582684 (51 worldwide citation)

A cuvette for the determination of a chemical component of a fluid by photo evaluation has two planar-shaped parts parallel to one another at least one of which is transparent in the spectral range used for the evaluation. A planar distance piece of a filamentary reticulation for receiving the fluid ...

Ajit Shenoy, Peter N Johnson Jr: Serial Viterbi decoder. Communications Satellite Corporation, Sughrue Mion Zinn Macpeak and Seas, April 15, 1986: US04583078 (50 worldwide citation)

A serial Viterbi decoder in which a single set of circuits is sequentially used for all the encoder states to calculate the maximum probability path, as measured against received signals, of unencoded signal sequences to reach each encoder state. The path to any encoder state having the maximum prob ...

Edward K Howell: Fault current interrupter. General Electric Company, Richard A Menelly, Walter C Bernkopf, Fred Jacob, April 15, 1986: US04583146 (50 worldwide citation)

A fault current interrupter is provided by the parallel combination of a positive temperature coefficient resistor and a voltage dependent resistor connected across a pair of separable contacts to permit the interruption of current without the occurrence of arcing between the contacts when the conta ...

Robert L Hart: Side mounted rear view mirror with brake light. Irving M Weiner, Joseph P Cantarella John J Carrier, April 15, 1986: US04583155 (50 worldwide citation)

A brake light incorporated in a side view mirror housing is disclosed. The brake light may be fixedly attached to the housing and viewable from the rear of the vehicle. Brake lights which move from a stored position within said mirror housing to an in use position exterior of said housing are also d ...

John Fulcher: Synthetic cooking oils containing dicarboxylic acid esters. Frito Lay, Bernard Rothwell & Brown, April 15, 1986: US04582927 (50 worldwide citation)

Diesters of the formula ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 are hydrogen or alkyl of from 1 to about 20 carbon atoms, and X and Y are alkyl, alkenyl or dienyl of from about 12 to about 18 carbon atoms, useful as low calorie synthetic oils suitable for consumption by mammals.

Michael G Brown, Richard G Smith: Frequency stabilization of lasers. AT&T Bell Laboratories, Lester H Birnbaum, April 15, 1986: US04583228 (50 worldwide citation)

Apparatus including a semiconductor laser source and means for stabilizing the frequency of the laser. A feedback signal is provided by means such as a Fabry-Perot interferometer, which signal is coupled simultaneously to two feedback loops. One loop provides high frequency control of the drive curr ...

David J Waugh: Lightweight rear-wheel bicycle suspension. Henri Charmasson, Janet E Hasak, April 15, 1986: US04582343 (49 worldwide citation)

A lightweight rear-wheel suspension for a bicycle which includes a triangulated main frame, a rear wheel support frame such as a rear fork rotatably supporting a rear wheel and mounted to the main frame so that it pivots about the foot crank rotational axis, providing upward and downward movement re ...

Shunpei Yamazaki: Method and apparatus for forming non-single-crystal layer. Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, Gerald J Ferguson, April 15, 1986: US04582720 (49 worldwide citation)

A substrate introducing chamber, a reaction chamber and a substrate removing chamber are sequentially arranged with a shutter between adjacent ones of them. One or more substrates are mounted on a holder with their surfaces lying in vertical planes and carried into the substrate introducing chamber, ...

Timothy R Felthouse: Oxidation with encapsulated co-catalyst. Monsanto Company, Joseph D Kennedy, James W Williams Jr, April 15, 1986: US04582650 (48 worldwide citation)

Processes are given for which a microcrystalline support having a noble metal located within its pores, is used as a permselective catalyst to oxidize formaldehyde and similar materials while avoiding poisoning by N-phosphonomethylamines. The permselective catalyst can be used as a co-catalyst with ...

Michio Fukuda, Toshifumi Okunishi, Sinkichi Miwa, Yosinobu Ohta: Apparatus for automatically producing cable with crimped terminals. Sumitomo Electric, Tokai Electric Wire Company, Ernest A Beutler, April 15, 1986: US04581796 (48 worldwide citation)

An improved apparatus for automatically producing cable with terminals crimped thereto is disclosed which includes a cable storing section, for storing various kinds of cables, a cable selecting section for selecting a required cable, a cable measuring and cutting section, a cable sheath stripping s ...

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