Edward K Howell: Fault current interrupter. General Electric Company, Richard A Menelly, Walter C Bernkopf, Fred Jacob, April 15, 1986: US04583146 (50 worldwide citation)

A fault current interrupter is provided by the parallel combination of a positive temperature coefficient resistor and a voltage dependent resistor connected across a pair of separable contacts to permit the interruption of current without the occurrence of arcing between the contacts when the conta ...

Robert L Hart: Side mounted rear view mirror with brake light. Irving M Weiner, Joseph P Cantarella John J Carrier, April 15, 1986: US04583155 (50 worldwide citation)

A brake light incorporated in a side view mirror housing is disclosed. The brake light may be fixedly attached to the housing and viewable from the rear of the vehicle. Brake lights which move from a stored position within said mirror housing to an in use position exterior of said housing are also d ...

John Fulcher: Synthetic cooking oils containing dicarboxylic acid esters. Frito Lay, Bernard Rothwell & Brown, April 15, 1986: US04582927 (50 worldwide citation)

Diesters of the formula ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 are hydrogen or alkyl of from 1 to about 20 carbon atoms, and X and Y are alkyl, alkenyl or dienyl of from about 12 to about 18 carbon atoms, useful as low calorie synthetic oils suitable for consumption by mammals.

Michael G Brown, Richard G Smith: Frequency stabilization of lasers. AT&T Bell Laboratories, Lester H Birnbaum, April 15, 1986: US04583228 (50 worldwide citation)

Apparatus including a semiconductor laser source and means for stabilizing the frequency of the laser. A feedback signal is provided by means such as a Fabry-Perot interferometer, which signal is coupled simultaneously to two feedback loops. One loop provides high frequency control of the drive curr ...

David J Waugh: Lightweight rear-wheel bicycle suspension. Henri Charmasson, Janet E Hasak, April 15, 1986: US04582343 (49 worldwide citation)

A lightweight rear-wheel suspension for a bicycle which includes a triangulated main frame, a rear wheel support frame such as a rear fork rotatably supporting a rear wheel and mounted to the main frame so that it pivots about the foot crank rotational axis, providing upward and downward movement re ...

Shunpei Yamazaki: Method and apparatus for forming non-single-crystal layer. Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, Gerald J Ferguson, April 15, 1986: US04582720 (49 worldwide citation)

A substrate introducing chamber, a reaction chamber and a substrate removing chamber are sequentially arranged with a shutter between adjacent ones of them. One or more substrates are mounted on a holder with their surfaces lying in vertical planes and carried into the substrate introducing chamber, ...

Minoru Yoneyama: Golf club head. Yonex Kabushiki Kaisha, Wenderoth Lind & Ponack, April 15, 1986: US04582321 (48 worldwide citation)

A golf club head includes a core formed integrally with a sole of the head and extending upwardly therefrom in a triangular cross section. The core is formed of metal, such as soft iron or stainless steel. A covering over the entire core and tubular shaft receiving hosel, made integral with the cove ...

Timothy R Felthouse: Oxidation with encapsulated co-catalyst. Monsanto Company, Joseph D Kennedy, James W Williams Jr, April 15, 1986: US04582650 (48 worldwide citation)

Processes are given for which a microcrystalline support having a noble metal located within its pores, is used as a permselective catalyst to oxidize formaldehyde and similar materials while avoiding poisoning by N-phosphonomethylamines. The permselective catalyst can be used as a co-catalyst with ...

Michio Fukuda, Toshifumi Okunishi, Sinkichi Miwa, Yosinobu Ohta: Apparatus for automatically producing cable with crimped terminals. Sumitomo Electric, Tokai Electric Wire Company, Ernest A Beutler, April 15, 1986: US04581796 (47 worldwide citation)

An improved apparatus for automatically producing cable with terminals crimped thereto is disclosed which includes a cable storing section, for storing various kinds of cables, a cable selecting section for selecting a required cable, a cable measuring and cutting section, a cable sheath stripping s ...

Raymond P Holland Jr: Self-adjusting wind power machine. The Holland Corporation, April 15, 1986: US04582013 (47 worldwide citation)

A machine for economical recovery of wind power employs a self-adjusting mass-balanced aerodynamic blade weathervaning freely around a lengthwise pitching axis forward of its aerodynamic center, and an aerodynamic roller in its leading edge, spun at high RPM by a motor. The roller controls aerodynam ...

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