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A video amusement game terminal for a gaming system for playing a game providing the illusion of skill. A game processor provides a video game presentation in response to player control wherein a prize award is disclosed through presentation of achievement by the player of a designated objective. Th ...

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A data carrier (preferably shaped as a credit card or the like) holds information about the owner, card issuing organization, account number, etc., and comprises an internal processor for processing supplied identification information of the owner during a card verification process, and for generati ...

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Cross-linked atelopeptide collagen that is substantially free of residual cross-linking agent is prepared by: reconstituting atelopeptide collagen from solution by neutralizing the solution at a reduced temperature and a hypotonic ionic strength; cross-linking the reconstituted fibers in an aqueous ...

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Disclosed are cross-linked gels of hyaluronic acid, alone or mixed with other hydrophilic polymers and containing various substances or covalently bonded low molecular weight substances and processes for preparing them. These products are useful in numerous applications including cosmetic formulatio ...

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An apparatus is provided for positioning a sample in the radiation field of a computerized axial tomographic scanner (CAT) for scanning by the CAT. The apparatus has a first support on a first side of the CAT and a second support on a second side of the CAT opposite the first side of the CAT. Both s ...

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An induced polarization tool using focused electrodes that uses direct coupling in the focusing loop to prevent spurious phase shifts. The invention uses a differential-in differential-out amplifier and voltage-controlled resistances to provide zero potential difference between pairs of monitoring e ...

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Low profile dilation catheter and method of manufacturing the same for use in percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty. The catheter has an inflatable balloon for dilating stenotic lesions, and an integral guide wire by which the catheter can be steered into the artery system.

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A miniaturized, endoscopically deliverable thermal cautery probe for cauterizing internal vessels. The probe is applied to tissues cold, and a large number of electric heating pulses of equal energy are then applied to an internal heating element in the probe. The probe has an internal heating eleme ...

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Various forms of a catheter that is sized to pass through the biopsy channel of an endoscope include an elongated catheter tube of flexible material and an ultrasonic probe carried by the catheter tube adjacent its tip. The forms include: a papillotome catheter (FIGS. 1 and 3); catheters for general ...

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HLA typing based on restriction length polymorphism is carried out by: digesting an individual's HLA DNA with a restriction endonuclease that produces a polymorphic digestion pattern with HLA DNA; subjecting the digest to genomic blotting using a labeled cDNA hybridization probe that is complementar ...