Cesare Gianturco: Percutaneous endovascular stent and method for insertion thereof. Cook Incorporated, Woodard Weikart Emhardt & Naughton, April 8, 1986: US04580568 (1321 worldwide citation)

An endovascular stent formed of stainless steel wire of 0.018 inches diameter and arranged in a closed zig-zag pattern. The stent is compressed into a reduced size shape of an outer diameter which is many times smaller than its expanded shape. The stent is positioned in a passageway in the vascular ...

David T Green: Surgical fastener applying apparatus with progressive application of fastener. United States Surgical Corporation, Robert R Jackson, John E Nathan, April 8, 1986: US04580712 (470 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for applying a relatively large number of surgical fasteners to body tissue, application of some fasteners is made to precede application of other fasteners in order to spread out and thereby reduce the peak fastener applying load or force.

Harvinder Sahota: Catheter systems. Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, April 8, 1986: US04581017 (458 worldwide citation)

Catheter systems provide blood flow paths past a stenotic region of a blood vessel receiving treatment to restore acceptable blood flow. A catheter includes distal and proximal side orifices into a main lumen to provide a blood flow path through the catheter across the stenosis. A segmented or lobed ...

Thomas P Malloy, Louis J DeFilippi: Surface-modified electrodes. UOP, Thomas K McBride, William H Page II, Raymond H Nelson, April 8, 1986: US04581336 (280 worldwide citation)

Surface-modified electrodes which may be used in electrochemical cells for production of electrical energy comprise an enzyme immobilized on a support. The support consists of at least a monolayer coating of a carbonaceous pyropolymer possessing recurring units containing at least carbon and hydroge ...

Arthur Boothroyd: Wearable tactile sensory aid providing information on voice pitch and intonation patterns. Research Corporation, Scully Scott Murphy & Presser, April 8, 1986: US04581491 (251 worldwide citation)

A wearable tactile sensory aid which presents a vibratory signal representative of voice pitch and intonation patterns to the skin. The vibratory signal consists of a constant amplitude square wave having a frequency equal to, or some fraction of, the fundamental frequency of the speech input. The v ...

Walter P Siegmund, George J Carpenter: Flexible plastic tube for endoscopes and the like. Warner Lambert Technologies, R S Strickler, April 8, 1986: US04580551 (250 worldwide citation)

An elongated, flexible plastic tube with internal web and bore structure comprising a continuous sequence of connected vertebra-like elements useful in endoscopes and the like.

Jon H Bechtel, Frederick T Bauer: Electronic control system for automatic rearview mirrors for automotive vehicles. Gentex Corporation, Malcolm R McKinnon, April 8, 1986: US04580875 (211 worldwide citation)

An electronic control system for automatic rearview mirrors for automotive vehicles, the control system being effective to detect and compare the relative brightness of light forwardly and rearwardly of the vehicle and respond automatically to annoying glare from the rear of the vehicle and move a r ...

James M O Connor: Microminiature semiconductor valve. Allied Corporation, James R Ignatowski, Russel C Wells, April 8, 1986: US04581624 (197 worldwide citation)

A microminiature valve having a multilayer integral structure formed on a semiconductor substrate. The valve comprises a semiconductor substrate having inlet and outlet apertures and a raised valve seat. The substrate is overlayed with a nonporous top layer and an intermediate layer. The central por ...

Michael A Andersen: Finger pricking device. Willian Brinks Olds Hofer Gilson & Lione, April 8, 1986: US04580564 (174 worldwide citation)

A finger pricking apparatus is disclosed which includes a stop, a guide, a weight and a lancet. The lancet comprises a base, a handle and a needle. The needle is disposed centrally within the base and the handle such that it protrudes from the handle. The lancet is seated in a recess defined by the ...

Hans A Timmermans: Sheath. Cook Incorporated, Woodard Weikart Emhardt & Naughton, April 8, 1986: US04581025 (162 worldwide citation)

A sheath comprising a tubular structure formed of a flexible material which is compatible for insertion within the body and having proximal and distal ends. In one embodiment, the tubular structure includes one slit having an open and a closed end. The tubular structure is further comprised of a tab ...