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Footwear including an upper and a sole with a plurality of cleats extending from the sole arranged in groupings of cleats adapting the footwear to field sports. A control device extends upwardly of the sole around the heel, a pair of spines extend along the sole between cleats of a grouping of cleat ...

Jerry Hidle: Cooking utensil. Panhandle, Watson Cole Grindle & Watson, March 11, 1986: US04574776 (67 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a cooking utensil which is adapted to cook foods by steaming as well as by convection heating. The cooking utensil comprises an outer vessel having a generally upstanding side wall in a generally cylindrical configuration and a generally planar bottom having at least one aperture therei ...

Ernest K Manders: Tissue expander and method. Thomas Hooker, March 11, 1986: US04574780 (66 worldwide citation)

A soft tissue expander device adapted to be implanted beneath a layer of skin and subcutaneous tissue and filled with fluid to differentially expand the overlying tissue including methods for differentially expanding soft tissue and treating male pattern baldness.

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A fastener for attaching fixtures to channeled structural members has an extended bolt engaging section which increases the load carrying capacity of the fastener. The fastener, with the extended section, can be used in channeled structural members of limited depth as well as the standard channeled ...

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A foot retaining device in a ski boot comprises a pressure element arranged within an outer shell of the ski boot at the neck area of the user's foot, and a cable embracing the pressure element and having one end fixed to the outer shell and another end wound on a winding reel operable by a knob acc ...

John E Greivenkamp Jr: Optical spatial frequency filter. Eastman Kodak Company, Thomas H Close, March 11, 1986: US04575193 (64 worldwide citation)

An optical spatial frequency filter of the type having a pair of birefringent elements with means for changing the polarization state of light between them is given a substantially color dependent spatial frequency response. The filter comprises a wavelength dependent means for changing the polariza ...

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This invention is directed to a method for reducing the mass of a tumor in animal tissue utilizing localized, magnetically-coupled, RF-induced hyperthermia. The method involves the implanting of a material in and/or closely adjacent to the tumor which is non-toxic to, and preferably inert to and com ...

Louis B Gratzer: Laminar flow control airfoil. The Boeing Company, Christensen O Connor Johnson & Kindness, March 11, 1986: US04575030 (63 worldwide citation)

A laminar flow control aircraft wing combines suction surfaces and slots in its leading and trailing edge regions, with natural laminar flow over its main box region to achieve laminar boundary layer flow over a majority of the wing surface area. The wing includes a leading edge flap that is used to ...

Gerhard J Simon, Gerhard Schneider: Editing arrangement for videotex system with public terminals. International Standard Electric Corporation, T L Peterson, J M May, March 11, 1986: US04575579 (62 worldwide citation)

In public videotex (Btx) terminals, different pages are displayed successively on the screen in the off-line mode (e.g., advertisements and user instructions). To be able to update such off-line pages at low cost, a page memory in the terminal is constructed as a random-access memory (46). A central ...

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A method for executing an external distribution sort in which the data to be rearranged includes keyed stored records that can be accessed on associative secondary storage. The method steps include random sampling of a certain number of keys and internally sorting the sampled keys; forming equal siz ...