James D Aid: Container with tapered walls for heating or cooling fluids. Extracorporeal Medical Specialties, Mark A Hofer, March 11, 1986: US04574876 (140 worldwide citation)

Flexible container means for the warming or cooling of fluids. A preferred embodiment, useful for the warming of plasma following cryogellation techniques prior to its return to the patient, comprises container means formed by the heat sealing of polymeric materials thereby defining a winding passag ...

Brian D McCarthy: Tunnelling device for peripheral vascular reconstruction. Cordis Corporation, Henry W Collins, Thomas R Vigil, March 11, 1986: US04574806 (136 worldwide citation)

A tunnelling device for use in the placement of a peripheral cardiovascular graft in a living body comprising three portions. The first portion is a hollow curved conduit forming portion having a distal end, a proximal end and an interior lumen. The second portion is a hollow bullet shaped nose sect ...

Don R Johnson: Laser adjustable intraocular lens and method of altering lens power. Allegretti Newitt Witcoff & McAndrews, March 11, 1986: US04575373 (131 worldwide citation)

A laser beam is utilized to alter, in situ, the power of an implanted intraocular lens. The overall intraocular lens can be of conventional size and shape. The circumference, or outer ring of the lens is manufactured from a non-toxic heat shrinkable plastic. The plastic is preferably colored to perm ...

Marty Callahan: Communications apparatus for use with cable television systems. Henderson & Sturm, March 11, 1986: US04575750 (128 worldwide citation)

A cable television system communications apparatus comprising a transmission unit for originating various messages and message class identification signals and a receiver unit for receiving such signals and for rendering audible such messages as are authorized for that particular receiver unit.

Calvin F Quate: Method and means for data storage using tunnel current data readout. The Board of Trustees of The Leland Stanford Junior University, Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, March 11, 1986: US04575822 (121 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a digital memory in which data is stored by establishing perturbations in a surface of a substrate and thereafter identifying the perturbations by establishing a tunnel electron current between the surface of the substrate and a movable probe. The perturbations can be physical, electric ...

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The disclosed distance measuring device is arranged to project light on an object. Reflected light from the object is received by a photo-electric converter to shift the position of a photo-taking lens to an in-focus position on the basis of a signal produced from the photo-electric converter. The p ...

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A method and apparatus for detecting the presence of a gaseous substance within a space bounded by an enclosure utilizes the fact that sound is not transmitted through a vacuum and is transmitted through the material of the enclosure. A sonic wave transmitter and a sonic wave receiver are engaged wi ...

Kevin L Kloker, Ronald H Cieslak: X.times.Y Bit array multiplier/accumulator circuit. Motorola, Anthony J Sarli Jr, Jeffrey Van Myers, Robert L King, March 11, 1986: US04575812 (94 worldwide citation)

An X.times.Y bit array multiplier/accumulator circuit is provided for adding an input number having (X+Y) bits to an (X+Y) bit product of an X bit number and a Y bit number, where X and Y are integers. Modified Booth's algorithm is implemented with an array structure which maintains a regular and sy ...

Lloyd P Ratcliff: Diet calculator. Norvell E Von Behren, Donna J Thies, March 11, 1986: US04575804 (94 worldwide citation)

A new and novel calculator for use by cooks, dieters and others is disclosed. The calculator may be made in a hand-held model and may be made in a scale version for use in the kitchen. The calculator permits instant access to counting of calories, carbohydrates and/or proteins and adding the amount ...

George E Dolezal, Joseph L Kelly Jr: Solid head bit with tungsten carbide central core. Hughes Tool Company USA, Robert A Felsman, James E Bradley, March 11, 1986: US04574895 (88 worldwide citation)

A solid head earth boring bit has a central tungsten carbide core sealed at the lower end of a drilling fluid passage that extends through the bit to the face of the bit. The core has a nozzle passage extending through it that is offset from the axis of the drilling fluid passage. The core also has ...