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A system for generating three-dimensional objects by creating a cross-sectional pattern of the object to be formed at a selected surface of a fluid medium capable of altering its physical state in response to appropriate synergistic stimulation by impinging radiation, particle bombardment or chemica ...

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The surface characteristics of an organ that needs restoration, for example, a tooth which has been prepared for an inlay insertion, are read by means of a noncontact scan-head. The three-dimensional shape parameters of the implant required to restore the tooth in function and appearance are compute ...

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A portable electronic transaction device and a terminal therefor. The device comprises a central data processor, a fixed memory, an adaptable memory, optical means for transmitting and receiving information to and from the terminal and self-contained power source means, such as an on-board battery. ...

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A tissue cutter with forceps-like handles at its proximal end for actuating the cutter. The cutter includes a tube to receive cut-off pieces of tissue. A stripper strips the pieces of tissue from a cutting tool. A stripper rod, which is spring-loaded and subject to being locked and released moves th ...

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An optic nerve clamp, useful for surgical enucleation includes a pair of clampingly abutting, pivotally connected jaws with tip portions which curve out of the plane perpendicular to and extending through the pivot axis of said jaws. One of the tip portions is longer than the other so that an offset ...

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Propulsion and speed change mechanism for lever propelled bicycles having a pair of propulsion levers 4, each of which is built in one piece with a speed change arm 3 and mounted in each side of the main shaft portion 2 at the bottom of the bicycle frame 1. A rear axle 5 and a hub 6 is mounted on th ...

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The compressive force which the gripping means of a connector assembly, having a nut portion rotatably securable to a body portion, can exert upon a coaxial cable in limited to a pre-determined value by a frangible torque transmitting section, fracturable at a known shear strength, intermediate the ...

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An orthopaedic bone cutting jig and alignment frame for facilitating a series of controlled, precise bone cuts to fit selected prosthetic knees which promote bone imgrowth and do not rely upon cement for fixation.

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An access control system for coin operated games and the like in its preferred embodiment includes cards with magnetic strips carrying identifications of the cards. The cards are obtained from a card dispenser in response to deposit of money. A keyboard is used to enter data into a computer to creat ...

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A portable, hand-held laser scanner system located within a compact housing. The housing includes a laser tube power supply means therefor and computer means. The laser is operative when triggered by the user to produce a laser beam which exits the housing to scan a target, such as a bar code symbol ...