Lee S Weinblatt: Camera autofocus technique. Thomas Langer, March 4, 1986: US04574314 (63 worldwide citation)

An autofocus system is provided for facilitating the focusing of a camera. An autofocus device is tiltably mounted on the camera body. Its position is controlled by an eye-movement-monitoring apparatus responsive to movements of the cameraman's eyes. As the cameraman shifts the position of his eyes, ...

Charles B Poppenheimer: Underwater lights. GTY, Lyon & Lyon, March 4, 1986: US04574337 (62 worldwide citation)

An underwater light employing a housing positioned within a niche such that water may flow around the housing. A lamp is positioned within the housing directed toward a lens. The lamp reflector is surrounded by high thermal conductivity metallic wool extending out to the housing which may also be of ...

Werner W Kochte, Paul K Meeker: Hand-held vacuum cleaner. The Scott & Fetzer Company, Pearne Gordon Sessions McCoy Granger & Tilberry, March 4, 1986: US04573234 (62 worldwide citation)

A battery-operated dust cup type, hand-held vacuum cleaner is provided with wall-mounted store-and-charge means that supports the cleaner in upwardly pointed position. The cleaner is also rechargeable independently of the storage bracket, using the same charging means. The flap valve associated with ...

Gunter H Marx: Apparatus for receiving and reinfusing blood. Solco Basel, March 4, 1986: US04573992 (62 worldwide citation)

In apparatus for receiving and reinfusing a patient's own blood, a rigid container encloses a readily deformable inner container, blood being drawn into the readily deformable container by suction and being displaced therefrom by pressure applied between the outer container and the inner container, ...

Howard L Knaack, Kenneth F Weger Jr: Vehicle storage drawer unit. Knaack Manufacturing Company, Wood Dalton Phillips Mason & Rowe, March 4, 1986: US04573731 (62 worldwide citation)

A drawer-type storage unit for use in a vehicle having a floor defining a floor space having a horizontally accessible access position. The storage unit defines a raised floor when installed on the vehicle floor which is adapted to support a load in a manner similar to the vehicle floor itself. The ...

Werner W Kochte, Susan K Nimon: Hand vacuum with tilting intake. The Scott & Fetzer Company, Pearne Gordon Sessions McCoy Granger & Tilberry, March 4, 1986: US04573237 (61 worldwide citation)

A hand held vacuum cleaner of the type having a detachable dust cup is provided with a tiltable nozzle at the intake or forward end of the dust cup.

Daniel R Miller: Stackable container. Buckhorn Material Handling Group, Beall Law Offices, March 4, 1986: US04573577 (61 worldwide citation)

A container has bails movable between three different positions for providing support of an upper container on a lower container at three different levels.

James J Sandy Jr, Brian P Huth: Sealed shroud for rotating body. United Technologies Corporation, Jack N McCarthy, March 4, 1986: US04573866 (60 worldwide citation)

An annular turbine blade tip shroud is provided having a construction for minimizing leakage of the cooling fluid and preventing ingestion of hot gases into said cooling flow. A tip shroud support ring is located on the inner surface of said casing with tip shroud members affixed thereto and encasin ...

Robert E Hoag, Axel Mnich: Fluid transfer apparatus. Instafil, Fulwider Patton Rieber Lee & Utecht, March 4, 1986: US04573993 (59 worldwide citation)

Fluid transfer apparatus particularly adapted for injecting a quantity of fluid from a fluid source into a stoppered vial containing material in lyophilized form. The apparatus comprises a cannula having a distal extremity for piercing the vial stopper and a handle mounted to the cannula to facilita ...

Chester F Jacobson: Razor blade assembly. The Gillette Company, Scott R Foster, March 4, 1986: US04573266 (58 worldwide citation)

A razor blade assembly comprising a blade disposed between skin engaging elements adapted in operation to engage a surface being shaved ahead and behind, respectively, of the cutting edge, the blade being movable relative to the elements in response to forces encountered during a shaving operation, ...