Jerry L Lower: Bone fixation plate. Zimmer, Margaret L Geringer, March 4, 1986: US04573458 (105 worldwide citation)

A bone plate for bridging two portions of a broken bone which can be formed to fit and retain many irregular surfaces and yet retain optimum strength. The bone plate is particularly adaptable for fracture in the pelvic and acetabular area, although the plate is also adaptable for other bone areas. T ...

Kuniaki Tabata, Susumu Tsuhara, Tetsuo Machida, Hidefumi Iwami, Yasuyuki Okada: Method and apparatus for controlling image display. Hitachi, Antonelli Terry & Wands, March 4, 1986: US04574364 (105 worldwide citation)

In a method for controlling an image display apparatus having a file management table for managing information including titles of image data stored in a file memory and storage addresses therefor and a window management table for managing information including locations and sizes of windows on a di ...

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An apparatus for connecting a vial into the delivery tube of an intravenous administration set, the set including a container of fluid connected to one end of a delivery tube with the other end of the delivery tube adapted for insertion into the patient. The apparatus includes a penetrating spike pe ...

Steven B Hackett: Method and means for in situ repair of heat exchanger tubes in nuclear installations or the like. Weissenberger & Peterson, March 4, 1986: US04573248 (102 worldwide citation)

A method for the in situ repair of heat exchanger tubes in major heat exchanger equipment is disclosed in which supercooled sleeves are inserted into cracked heat exchanger tubes and are expansion-fitted firmly against the inner walls of the cracked tubes. In order to prevent premature expansion of ...

Alfred Kwiatek, Jack W Schwartz: Device for the administration of an active agent to the skin or mucosa. Jonergin, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, March 4, 1986: US04573996 (101 worldwide citation)

A device is disclosed for administration of an active agent to a host, e.g., for transdermal administration. The device includes an impermeable adhesive layer which surrounds the permeable adhesive layer of the device and which with the outer surface layer of the device forms a pocket so that, when ...

Ronald C Cull, Robert A Hartman, Paul E Koch: Flexible, rollable photovoltaic cell module. The Standard Oil Company, Larry W Evans, Jeffrey A Wyand, Thomas P Schur, March 4, 1986: US04574160 (96 worldwide citation)

A photovoltaic array module incorporating a plurality of photovoltaic cell strips (11). Each cell strip (11) incorporates an electrically conductive substrate layer (22), a semiconductor body (23) deposited on the substrate layer (22), and a transparent electrically conductive layer (24) deposited o ...

Richard D McLachlan, Gary L Jewett, John C Evans: Fiber-optic probe for sensitive Raman analysis. The Dow Chemical Company, March 4, 1986: US04573761 (95 worldwide citation)

A fiber-optic probe, useful for light scattering and luminescence measurements, which comprises at least one optical fiber for transmitting light into a sample and at least two optical fibers for collecting light from the sample. The probe may further comprise a shield surrounding the fibers and hav ...

I Melvin Greenberg: Surgical holder for a laparoscope or the like. Bauer & Amer, March 4, 1986: US04573452 (92 worldwide citation)

Mechanical components for holding and positioning a laparoscope incident to its use during surgery, wherein a selectively tensionable cable-type component is released for moving the laparoscope almost into its desired position and then tensioned into a rigid structure, and then a ball and socket joi ...

Thomas H Baum, Frances A Houle, Carol R Jones, Caroline A Kovac: Selective deposition of copper. International Business Machines Corporation, Joseph G Walsh, March 4, 1986: US04574095 (88 worldwide citation)

A process for selectively depositing copper by first selectively depositing palladium seeds by irradiating a palladium compound with light. Following the deposition of the palladium seeds, copper is deposited by an electroless process.

Charles A Bayshore: Bifocal contact lens. Vistakon, Wayne R Eberhardt, March 4, 1986: US04573775 (87 worldwide citation)

A soft, multifocal contact lens of the segmented type intended to translate vertically between the near-vision and distance-vision modes, characterized in that the superior portion of the lens is equiangularly truncated from points on either side of the vertical axis at the apex of the lens to point ...