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Apparatus for effecting and recording monetary transactions including apparatus for registering the present value of money therein, apparatus for selectably adjusting the registered value to indicate a payment and receipt transaction, and identity verification apparatus including asymmetric cryptogr ...


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A collapsible container for medicaments or other liquids which must be preserved from contamination has a valve assembly which comprises a hollow projection 3 which is closed at its outer end and which has one or more apertures in the wall through which the contents of the container are dispensed. T ...


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An annular fluid filter element has an end cap 14 with one or two internal annular grooves, which accommodate one or two sealing rings 24, made of soft synthetic rubber and flat and rectangular in cross-section. The rings are easily flexed out of their radial disposition when the filter element is f ...

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A hand piece (20) for use with a laser (14) includes a scanning mechanism which controls dosimetry of radiation applied to a target area (12) which is adjustable to limit thermal diffusion from the light absorbing portion of the irradiated target site for selective target specific energy deposition. ...



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A polymer or copolymer of lactic acid and/or glycolic acid which has a weight-average molecular weight of not less than about 5,000 and a dispersity of about 1.5 to 2 is advantageously used as a biodegradable polymer or copolymer for medical preparation.