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A sensor for an electrochemically active species, such as oxygen, uses more than two electrodes, namely, at least a working electrode, counter electrode and reference electrode. The sensor preferably is substantially planar, is made using thick film or thin film technique and accordingly may be very ...

Arthur E Ellison, Rocco R Borzone: Arched bridge staple. Pfizer Hospital Products Group, Charles J Knuth, Peter C Richardson, Lorraine M Donaldson, February 18, 1986: US04570623 (379 worldwide citation)

A bone staple for attaching tubular shaped soft tissue to bone, in which the transverse bridge of the staple has teeth on its underside to grip the tissue and is arch shaped so that the center of the bridge is above the bone surface when the staple legs are driven fully into a bone.

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An image projection system for producing a projected image in response to electrical signals which represent the image to be projected. The projection system includes input capability to produce electrical signals in response to an image to be projected. These electrical signals are then transmitted ...

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Long intervals of subterranean earth formations are heated at high temperatures for long times with an electrical heater containing spoolable, steel sheathed, mineral insulated cables which have high electrical conductivities, enabling them to heat the earth formations at a substantially uniform rat ...

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A method of obtaining an atomic number image of an unknown material. A plurality of calibration materials which have a plurality of different known atomic numbers and densities are scanned with a CAT at first and second energies to determine the attenuation coefficients for the plurality of calibrat ...

Zenichi Ishimoto: Direction-converting device for a toy car. Nikko, February 18, 1986: US04571213 (212 worldwide citation)

A direction-converting device for a toy car is disclosed, in which the toy car is provided with an electromagnet having an exciting iron core with its opposite sides being energizable to different polarities and a magnet having opposite end faces with different polarities, in which one core portion ...

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A catheter comprising a first elongate flexible member having a cylindrical outer surface and having proximal and distal ends. A metallic band of radio opaque material is disposed on the outer surface of the elongate member in the vicinity of the distal end of the elongate member. A tubular member o ...

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A system, method and station interface arrangement which permits video games to be played over a telephone network is disclosed. Communications delay between the games can be mitigated by transmitting local player position data to a remote game, the position data being detected at a local game durin ...

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An MOS device having a gate electrode and interconnect of titanium nitride and especially titanium nitride which is formed by low pressure chemical vapor deposition. In a more specific embodiment the titanium nitride gate electrode and interconnect have a silicon layer thereover to improve oxidation ...

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A dual band antenna for a radio transceiver includes an inductively loaded conductor of a predetermined length with feedpoint located substantially central of the conductor. Radiator elements terminate the ends of the conductor and a ground plane terminates the radiator elements. An adjustable balan ...